Does infragistics dll(ASP.NET work in Azure cloud

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Replied On: Thu, Jun 15 2017 9:53 AM Reply

We are in the process of migrating our Application to Azure Cloud. We are evaluating infragistics ASP.NET 2016 for our App. I would like know whether the Infragistics DLLs ( Infragistics45.Web.v16.dll and Infragistics45.WebUI.Documents.Excel.v16.dll)are compatible in Azure Cloud meaning they would work without any issue/changes in the Azure cloud.
Assume that we are hosting our App as PAAS/SAAS/IAAS mode - just deploying the infragistics dll along with project package in web role - Will it do the job or are there any other special steps/process that we need to consider when deploying to Azure.

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[Infragistics]Mike P
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Replied On: Thu, Jun 15 2017 2:41 PM Reply


Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

As long as the setup in Azure supports the .Net framework you are targeting there shouldn’t be any issues or special setup. Are you setting up an ASP.NET Web Forms project or an MVC project? If you are looking to do an MVC project you will want to look at our jQuery controls:

Or if you are creating a Web Forms project you will want to use our ASP.NET Web Forms controls:

Mike P.
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Replied On: Fri, Jun 16 2017 4:44 AM Reply

Thanks for the response. We are using ASP.NET web forms for our project.

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