Defining Borders within XamDataGrid

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Glenn Long
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Replied On: Tue, Mar 17 2009 11:20 AM Reply

I have a request to create better definition between columns on the grid by adding borders or double lines to the XamDataGrid. The bold or border type lines would work to separate grid detail.

Ideas greatly appreciated.

Glenn Long PJM Interconnection LLC.

See attached example




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John Doe
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Infragistics Employee
Replied On: Wed, Mar 18 2009 7:15 AM Reply

Hi Glenn,

Not everything of the screenshot is possible. Some can be achieved. You can create different styles for the LabelPresenters and make the border different colors. As far as I can tell, the "colored separators" in the grid are not possible. You can see the default styles of our components and parts in the DefaultStyles directory in the Infragistics folder on your computer. You can take and use the style for LabelPresenter as a base for your custom one.

Hope this helps.

Alex Fidanov
Developer Support Engineer\support

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