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  • deployment scenario of ultraguage

    ultraguage deployment scenario using sesion in code behind ( i.e aspx.cs)
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By madhavipamulapati On Thu, Feb 11 2010
  • UltraGauge Export to PDF

    Hi, I get an instance of the UltraGauge created to a class library. I would like to display the image generated by this UltraGauge. Please let me know if there is a way to export the Gauge which is created dynamically onto a PDF document. I find that the ImageUrl which is being used is a private member...
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By divyam01 On Fri, Sep 11 2009
  • Help! - File IO Exception using first UltraWebGauge

    I'm using IG v8.3 CLR35 (vers 8.3.20083.2039) Have built an ASP.NET application, that heavily uses UltraWebChart (as well as several other controls) Just starting to design/develop a status dahboard - and REALLY want to use UltraWebGauge! I dropped an UltraGauge into Designer, and it got confused...
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By Mike On Fri, Jun 5 2009
  • WebGauge problem with image

    Hi, I have a page with some WARP, in these WARPs there are some usercontrols,in one of these there's the UltraWebGauge v 8.1.In this page i've a button that produce a pdf with all the page conent,but this button does not produce a postback because it's within a WARP.In the first bind of the...
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By brainvb On Mon, Dec 1 2008
  • Gauge image missing seemingly randomly

    Hi, I am using a number of gauges in a dashboard set up ( 2.0, IGv8.1) and occasionally a gauge will not show up when the page loads. If I refresh the page the gauge then shows. My deployment scenario is as follows: UltraGauge1.DeploymentScenario.ImageType = GaugeImageType.Png; UltraGauge1.DeploymentScenario...
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By iamdudley On Tue, Nov 11 2008
  • WebGauge image source url confusion

    Hi, I am using 5 webgauges in a dashboard set up (in a website using C# ASP.Net 2.0 and IG 2008v1). I create each webgauge as a usercontrol which has some associated lables and buttons. The problem is that one of the gauge images produced is being used for two of the controls. The lables are different...
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By iamdudley On Sun, Sep 7 2008
  • UltraGauge throws exception when Session mode is Off, even when DeploymentScenario = "FileSystem"

    I have an ASCX user control with an UltraGauge control on it, which works fine. I recently disabled SessionState on my web site to help improve performance since it was not being used by the application itself. I ensured the DeploymentScenario for the UltraGauge was set up using the following: <DeploymentScenario...
    Posted To Gauge (Forum) By chadscharf_HBW On Wed, Jan 9 2008
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