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  • ConditionalFormattingCellControl for StyleScope.Row has an issue

    2577.Copy of Hi, I have looked at many different posts related to the same issue and nobody really resolved it in the way it would help in my situation. To show my problem I have modified SilverlightApplication209 from another post (which was showing how to changed background...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By vkuzmich On Mon, Oct 17 2011
  • Re: fixed row for xamgrid

    The XamGrid does not support fixed rows at this time. This is a feature on our backlog for future development.
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By Darrell Kress On Wed, Oct 5 2011
  • Re: RowFixing in xamGrid

    The XamGrid does not support fixed rows at this time. This is a feature on our backlog for future development.
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By Darrell Kress On Wed, Sep 21 2011
  • Lock row

    Hello, On a xamgrid, i use a custom validation. But I have one problem and need something. Can we lock or disable all the rows i don't edit? Thanks, Regards.
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By Cosoluce_Stones On Mon, Sep 19 2011
  • How do I default a cell value based on the value of another cell

    Say I want to default the value of cells B and C based on the data input into cell A, how do I do this. My thought was to save e.PreviousActiveCell and e.NewActiveCell in the ActiveCellChanging event and then set the value in the ActiveCellChanged event, or alternatively set the values in the EnteringCell...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By the_tourist_ On Thu, May 12 2011
  • Select All Checkbox in Column Header only applies to Expanded Groups

    Hi I have implemented a select all check box in the header of a template column using the SelectAllMvvm example provided by Devin in this post ( However my clients would now like to be able to limit the select all option to only rows which...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By Shaun Field On Wed, Feb 23 2011
  • Exception in Grid while Grouping

    I am using the grid and I have a number of unbound columns... This only happens while the grid has grouping enabled, when I change a value of a cell it throws this error.... I can give more information if needed, I am going to try to throw together a condensed version to recreate it and I'll upload...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By gmcalab On Mon, Jan 17 2011
  • Selected grid row notification

    Hi, When the user selects a row in my grid, I perform some action. When the row is already selected and the user clicks on it again, nothing happens because the row is already selected. Is there any event or something that I could pick up? I didn't see any "row clicked" event available...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By bjunk On Fri, Dec 3 2010
  • Unbound Column Exception

    I have attached a simple project recreating my scenario. Version : 10.2.20102.2005 When I click into different cells back and forth I get an unhandled exception "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" More of the exception information: System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By gmcalab On Tue, Sep 28 2010
  • Binding to Collection

    I am trying to make a very flexible binding situation for my XamGrid.Basically I want to make the Grid always dynamic. The amount of columns can vary depedning on the case and their Keys can change so I would like to dynamically build it all the time. It's not Hierarchial data, its a flat grid. So...
    Posted To Grid (Forum) By gmcalab On Tue, Aug 10 2010
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