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Status: New
Add the igNiteUI build number when loading modules and css files

When using the igLoader to pull in modules, every time we roll out a new version of igNiteUI in our product, we get support calls that our product no longer works. The quick response it to tell the customer to 'reload' their browser. While this works, they are never happy with this solution and tell us to 'fix it'.

My recommendation/idea is to append the build/version as a querystring parameter when loading modules so that when a new version/release of igNiteUI is packaged in our product, it will pull the latest desired version .

For example - when loading a chart module, the loader will request http://myserver/myapp/infragistics/js/modules/infragistics.datachart_core.js along with many other js and css files. However the browser may not get the latest and use the module in its cache and use say the 17.2 version instead of the  desired 18.1 version. By appending the build to the request for the module, I am assured that I am getting the desired version: http://myserver/myapp/infragistics/js/modules/infragistics.datachart_core.js?CB=181152