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Status: New
Spreadsheet cell selection while writing formulas

Excel allows us to select a cell or range of cells when writing formulas so that we don't have to lookup the cell id or range of cell ids and type them in manually.

This is a huge usability factor when writing formulas as they are almost always based off of other cells.

Not only does this feature speed up the process of writing formulas but helps reduce the number errors in a formula since looking up cell ids forces the user to take their eyes off the cell which could cause them to choose an incorrect adjacent row or column.

This problem is even more exacerbated if the range of cells extends off the page. How will the user know what the end rows or cells are without first writing them down before beginning to work on the formula? or if you have to base the formula off numerous non-touching cells? what a pain to have to type that in by hand.

So, to summarize: I would like the ability to select cells while writing formulas so I don't have to look them up and type in the cell ids by hand which is tedious and error prone.

Thank you for your consideration,