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Status: New
Support of Office 2016 theming

Infragistics has followed the version of Microsoft Word and has proposed adapted theming since 2003. Microsoft Office 2016 has been released more than 2 years ago and there's still no support for 2016 theming.

I would like this version to be covered like the previous one.

It makes difficult for us to use Infragistics libraries without that support. We lose of lot of the interest.

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  • DevExpress is supporting the Office 2019 theme and Core.NET CTP in its current WinForms release.  We are getting worried that Infragistics WinForms (which we love and continue paying support for) is no longer receiving the level of support needed to stay relevant in the WinForms community.  Even Microsoft added WinForms support to Core.NET.  Please continue to support us and the significant investment we have made using your tools.

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