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Status: New
UltraGrid Column Headers - Making accessible for the screen readers

Currently, UltraGrid column headers are not accessible through keyboard and also not screen reader friendly. Hence, the applications using the UltraGrid fail when tested for accessibility compliance. Particularly, I encountered below issues:

  • Column header is not accessible through keyboard (focus is not received using TAB key). Hence, we are unable to perform functions like sorting, selecting checkbox from column header using keyboard. I understand we can assign keyboard short cuts and listen to key pressed events and programmatically handle functionality. However, such workarounds still fail the screen reader testing as the focus itself is not reaching the column header.
  • Columns sorted status (sorted column name and direction) is not being announced by the screen readers.
  • Content of grid cells/rows are not being announced by screen readers and completely inaccessible.

Complete Ultra Grid control is expected to be operated using keyboard alone and also should be accessible for screen reader users without loss of any information that is available for visual users.

Nanda Kishore