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    Hello, I am using the DarkMetroTheme, and when I use the standard Statusbar, it would be good if it is also themed, as the othe controls.
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    Hello, Currently purple color is the only accent color. That will be great to be able to set a custom color as accent color in Infragistics Theming (or at least some default values like "orange", "blue", green"). Thanks,
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    Hello, please add style support for Microsoft ContextMenu, in order I can use the build in ContextMenu, like XamDataTree. It makes live easier. tree.ContextMenu = null; MenuItem item = null; tree.ContextMenu = new ContextMenu(); item = new MenuItem...
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    Hello, That will be great to implement a modern window shell which is very painful in WPF. The idea is to provide a xamShellWindow that provide a simple and clean shell (like Visual Studio) with: - Manage gestures (drop the window to the up of the...