• WebDataGrid Client-Side CRUD

    Quick Summary:


    Passing an array of values conforming to the schema of the data source to the add function adds data to the data source:



    To remove a row, the…

  • How do I know if a request is an ajax request made by Infragistics control?

    One of the common scenarios page developers run into is to make sure only the code necessary to serve up a particular request is executed during a page cycle. When using the ASP.NET AJAX controls built on top of our Aikido framework, you can easily filter…

  • Implementing an Ajax Live Form with NetAdvantage WebClient Controls

    This article teaches you how to implement the Live Form Ajax pattern using NetAdvantage web client controls.

    The Live Form pattern is an approach to building web forms that does not require the user to make an explicit submission to the server to make…

  • Building an Ajax Master/Detail Page with the WebDataGrid

    NetAdvantage 2008 Volume 3 ushered in the release of the new WebDataGrid. In order to help you get familiar with this all-new control build on the Infragistics Akido framework, I will take you step-by-step through building an AJAX master/detail page.

  • Show wait indicator during WebDataGrid’s AJAX Requests

    When you are using the WebDataGrid connected to the DataSource and have enabled built-in AJAX behaviors like paging, sorting.. etc that require an AJAX call to the server, it is nice to show a wait indicator so that the users know that there is a request…