• Extension Methods for Navigating the xamDataChart

    I recently posted a video demonstrating how to implement some extension methods to support xamDataChart navigation. The navigation support implemented in the demo included:

    • PanUp
    • PanDown
    • PanLeft
    • PanRight
    • ZoomIn
    • ZoomOut
    • FitInWindow

    The only problem with…

  • Displaying AutoCAD drawings using xamWebMap

    As has been described in other articles, the xamWebMap uses shapeFiles as is its source for shape data.  While the free shapefiles you find on the internet are generally geography related, there are other file formats that can be converted to shapefile…

  • Red vs. Blue: Conditional Formatting in xamWebMap

    The map is capable of displaying complex sets of data using a variety of mechanism like choropleth maps, and distribution scales, but sometimes all you want to do is color a map element a specific color based a condition such as a Map Element property…

  • Using two-way binding in xamWebMap

    This snippet demonstrates how you can use the map controls ValueTemplate to allow end users to modify map element values using two-way binding.


    <igMap:XamWebMap x:Name="MyMap">
        <igMap:MapLayer FillMode="Chloropleth…
  • Custom Chart Data Point Templates

    Here is an example of creating custom data point templates in a bubble chart.  Data point templates allow you to provide custom UI for data points in a series.  In this snippet, separate custom Data point templates are created for each of the three series…

  • faceOut - A Silverlight Reference Implementation

    Infragistics' faceOut is an interactive demonstration of some of our NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization controls which shows what a rich, interactive Sales Dashboard might look like.  Using our charts and gauges, we've created faceOut to…

  • Using Logarithmic Scales to Clearly Communicate Chart Data

    A cool feature of the xamWebChart is the ability to set an axis to use a logarithmic scale rather than a traditional linear scale.  Using a logarithmic scale is useful when you have a set of data that covers a wide value range since the logarithmic scale…

  • Data Display using xamWebMap

    The xamWebMap is a powerful and highly adaptable mapping control that is included with NetAdvantage for Data Visualization.  It can be used to add powerful visualizations of geo-spatial data to your application.  This article will walk you through the different…