• Using the VirtualCollection for Server-Side xamWebGrid Paging

    Quick Summary

    • The VirtualCollection class uses the ItemDataRequested event to fetch data for the collection
    • Using a wrapper class which includes the requested collection along with the next “start index” and the total number of records helps simplify…
  • Styling the xamWebGrid Group By Area

    Styling the xamWebGrid group by area is easy as long as you know the right class to target in your style. The following image depicts the xamWebGrid with a customized group by background.

    The key to applying the style is to set the right TargetTyp…

  • Conditional Formatting With The XamWebGrid


    Some poor souls analysts spend their entire days examining numbers in spreadsheets.  Row by row, column by column.  The only job is to spot the number that’s out of place; a professional game of “Where’s Waldo”.  Doesn…