xamDataTree UI Virtualization

Watch this video to see how XamDataTree UI virtualization works. This sample shows how UI virtualization helps you scroll through thousands of nodes with no degradation in performance due to the reuse of visual elements implemented by the control.

Duration: 5:31

Please find the sample source code used for this video here:


You will need to download NetAdvantage for WPF Line of Business 10.3 to run this project. A trial version is freely available here:


  • please, I need a XamComboEditor with a XamDataTree or TreeView

  • Same thing happens to me. I checked with a memory profiler, and the xamDataTreeNodes are not reused, in my test application I got up to 1946 nodes, when only 40 are showing at a time. Also, is there any more information out there about the radDataTree virtualization? There's nothing in the examples, nor the documentation. Thanks.

  • Hi craigshoemaker,

    Thanks for example.i am evaluating xamDataTree control.I downloaded example and modified IsExpanded to false.Memory consumption seems to keep on increasing by just scrolling on the root nodes.how can i control the memory consumption part.Any help would be greatly appreciated.