• Spell Checking in the XamDataGrid


    Utilizing the Framework’s built-in capabilities for spell checking makes adding spell-checking support to the XamDataGrid a breeze. 

    The Code

    Basically, you just need to turn on spell checking for the editor that is being used in the…

  • XamDataGrid :: Copying to Excel via the Clipboard

    One of the common tasks that many end-users have is to copy data from an application to Excel or Word or any other Windows Apps.  The way to do this is to copy items to the Clipboard and Microsoft provides a really nice class that makes this simple to…

  • Validation in the XamDataGrid

    Validation in the XamDataGrid is currently handled through the ValueConstraint class off of the Editors.  Using this class you can do things like set a trigger to change the border of a cell to red when an invalid value it entered.  This article shows off…

  • Editing Alternate Rows in the XamDataGrid

    Turn on Alternate Row Highlighting:


    <igDP:XamDataGrid x:Name="XamDataGrid1" BindToSampleData="True" >
            <igDP:FieldLayoutSettings HighlightAlternateRecords="True"/>
  • Changing the XamDataPresenter's View at Runtime

    The XamDataPresenter is a look-less control and has the ability to display multiple views. The two views that it currently ships with are a GridView and a CarouselView. Essentially, with the underlying model that provides things such as hierarchical databinding…

  • Save and Load Customizations in the XamDataGrid

    Save Customizations

    using System.IO;
    using (FileStream fs = new FileStream("xamDataGridLayout1.xml", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write))

    Load Customizations

    using System.IO;…
  • XML Databinding with the XamDataGrid

    XML Data File

    Start with having an XML Datasource for the purpose of this example we’ll use the following and it will be stored in a separate XML File titled SalesPeople.xml:

    <divre name="code" class="xml"></divre><SalesPeople> <SalesPerson…
  • Tangerine -- A WPF Reference Application


    Use Tangerine™, our first reference application for WPF, to not only learn WPF and NetAdvantage for WPF but also to learn good practices for enterprise application development across the board. This solution provides a full application…

  • Printing the XamDataGrid with Infragistics.Reports


    Infragistics.Reports is an extremely versatile and powerful code library included in the NetAdvantage for WPF product. Initially, it was created to enable developers an easy mechanism for printing the XamDataGrid or exporting it to XPS.…

  • Creating a Custom Summary for the XamDataGrid


    The XamDataGrid Row Summary functionality allows for a lot of flexibility. It enables developers to easily expose basic summary information to their consumers with a simple property setting as demonstrated here. In some situations, a developer…

  • Enabling Row Summaries in the XamDataGrid


    Row Summaries or Row Aggregation is a feature that is enabled on the XamDataGrid quickly and easily by setting a couple of properties. The first property that needs to be set is the “AllowSummaries.” This property is off of the FieldSettings…

  • Exporting the XamDataGrid to Excel

    Infragistics.Excel is an extremely powerful, yet little known API. It has the capability to build an entire Excel Workbook (and multiple worksheets). You can add formulas and interact with an Excel document in C# code in many different fashions. On the…