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  • Re: Server side WebDataGrid RowUpdating event not fired

    Hi Petar

    Thanks to quick reply,

    i set property wdg.Behaviors.EditingCore.AutoCRUD = false

    i also attached code.txt to more clearification

    in code createDynamicGrid() is method and i created two serverside events wdg_RowUpdating() & wdg_InitializeRow…

  • WebDataGrid : ClickEvent server side


    I want to know if it's possible to recover the click event  of a webDataGrid in the code.

    I just want to make a click on the webDataGrid, and recover the row of the webdataGrid in the code.

    The webDataGrid is in version 9.2.20092…

  • Re: FormView not updating when row changes


    WebDataGrid by default works with AJAX enabled,  and when you update your FormView in the WebDataGrid's event, only WebDataGrid is going to update/repaint since it is the control that caused the callback.  Try putting both the WebDataGrid and the…

  • no data returned

    WebDataGrid do not show data sometimes

    IN that web page, there are 4 webdatagrid. 

    when I execute query to show data on the webdatagrid, the WebDataGrid do not show data sometimes .But when I execute query again, the webdatagrid show the data .

  • is it possible to using the control skill in the webgrid excel exporter of webdatagrid


    is it possible to using the control skill in the webgrid excel exporter of  webdatagrid


    WebDataGrid ---> WebExcelExporter  

    is it possible to using the control skill in the webgrid excel exporter of  webdatagrid  thanks you.



  • Use DropDownList in WebDataGrid's

    When I add new data by WebDataGrid, How can I use DropDownList in WebDataGrid's RowAdding.  I found WebDataGrid's RowAdding can't use DropDownList

  • Know Postback of WebDataGrid

    Hello Developers.

    Does anyone here can help me? please! 

    I want to know if there is a way to determine WebDataGrid postback. For example, In the Page_Load() function, for WabDataGrid how to determine if a pastoback was caused by RowUpdating, or ActiveCellChanged…

  • Re: Column and Row collection withing WebDataGrid

    Hi jignesh352,

    The WebDataGrid has its classes defined in the Infragistics.Web.UI.GridControls namespace.  Not off of WebDataGrid.    Rows in the WebDataGrid are GridRecord and in the WebHierarchicalDataGrid they are ContainerGridRecord.  Columns are ControlDataField…

  • WebdataGrid disappear with UpdatePanel


    The webdatagrid dissapear when the app postback and the webdatagrid is into a updatepanel.

    I tried to disabled ajax on the webdatagrid and I have changed another properties on the webdatagrid but I couldn't solve it.

    Please do you know how…

  • Re: Create WebDataGrid dynamic


    This should be possible. My guess here is that you are setting the Behaviors before adding the grid to the Page.Controls collection and setting a valid ID to it.

    Please, try the following:


    <asp:placeholder runat="server" ID="GridPlaceHolder" .…