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  • How to use Export to Excel UltraWebGrid in 2010.2


    We have recently upgraded to 2010.2. I want to use the UltraGridExcelExporter - which seems not to be part of this release, and the WebExcelExporter only supports WebDataGrid and WebHiearchalGrid.

    I want to keep the UltraWebGrid and I also want…

  • Building the oMovies Browser: Netflix oData using Infragistics NetAdvantage Silverlight Controls

    oMovies Browser

    The oMovies Browser is a small project demonstrating how to interface with the Netflix oData catalog using Infragistics Silverlight controls. The oMovies project makes use of the xamGrid, xamSlider and Infragistics Virtual Collection

  • Introducing Infragistics Startup Solutions

    How do you learn new technologies? I like to get my hands on some working code and re-write it. This really helps me see how it should be done, but allows me to make my mistakes with the API to see where I’m not understanding how things work.


  • Introducing the Infragistics Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    One of the most important issues for websites to address is the performance of the objects served within a page. Often a single web page will load in a multitude of images, CSS files and JavaScript files. With the 10.2 release of the NetAdvantage Web…

  • NetAdvantage 10.2 Video Rollup

    Today marks the release of NetAdvantage 10.2 which includes scores of new features and controls. In the weeks leading up to the release members of Evangelism and Product Management spent time creating videos to get you off to a running start with the…

  • Webinar: What's New in the NetAdvantage Data Visualization Toolsets

    Come join Jason Beres and the Infragistics Product Management team to review the the latest and greatest features in the NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization product, as well as the launch of the brand new NetAdvantage for WPF Data Visualization…

  • Resources for High Performance Data Visualizations with Silverlight & WPF Webinar

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the High Performance Data Visualizations with Silverlight & WPF webinar. Below you’ll find links to the resources mentioned during the session.


  • German Localized Strings Now Available in NetAdvantage 10.2

    In the 10.2 release NetAdvantage now support localized strings in German. This post explains how to setup Silverlight and WPF applications to render German control strings.

        Note: If you are developing with the German release of Visual Studio 2010 running…

  • Webinar: What's New in NetAdvantage for .NET 2010.2

    Come join Jason Beres and the Infragistics Product Management team to review the new features and controls in the latest Silverlight, ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF release from Infragistics.

    Learn how NetAdvantage 10.2 fully supports CLR 4, Silverlight…