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  • Too much Space on selves sizing Popup


    since I add the title bar style with the RibbonMenue from the UltraToolbarsManger I got too much Space

    on the button and the right hand side.

    I was tried to set the dock property from Fill, Parent ... a lot of combinations.

    At last I find out…

  • Style Manager Load event is hanging Application


    When we run this code the application in production (on many client systems) is hanging the application.

             if (style == 1)
                                                if (System.IO.File.Exists…

  • Font not changing

    I'm using v10.1, and am using the Outlook2007Blue.isl theme for my application.  There is one grid where I want to display the data in one band using a fixed-width font.  I'm using the following code in the InitializeLayout event handler...


  • Modifying the UltraTreeNode's default tool tip color affects the UltraToolbarsManager's tooltip in metrodark theme


    In our project we are using classic and metro dark themes. In metro dark theme changing the ultra treenode's foreground color of default tooltip in isl file(Appstylist) . This affects UltraToolbarsManager's tooltip also. some controls are not…

  • Ignore high contrast Windows settings

    Is there a way to have the application not use the Windows theme settings such as those for high-contrast mode?

    All I'm seeing right now is the explicitly define each and every color as I want it to be so the OS does not use a default.

    There's the…

  • WinForms 2018.1 themed trial controls are too slow

    I'm thinking to use Infragistics2018.1 WinForms into my WinForm DotNet4.6 application, so I'm trying to compare the control's performance.
    I wrote a little tester to check the "loading time" for the same window: using DotNet 4.6 native…

  • AppStyles on forecolor on labels


    We are using StyleManager to 'style' our controls on a winform, this is great and makes it much easier for new forms, however we have 100's of existing forms I'm currently editing as they have been coded to use the style set in the winform properties…

  • Drop Down Button Width Under High DPI

    We are trying to enable our application for high-DPI displays, and have run into a problem.

    When using an AppStylist style, the width of the drop down button (and the associated image) are different in UltraTextEditor with a DropDownEditorButton than…

  • Unable to select System color in AppStylist

    I have a weird problem with AppStylist: When I select a System color (e.g. "Highlight"), the color is set to Default instead of the selected color.

    I select a UI role, a state, and then press the color dropdown for e.g. background or border…

  • How to style popup menus in UltraTabControl and UltraExplorerBar

    Some controls can show small button, which when clicked brings up a popup menu. E.g.;
    - UltraTabControl (when ShowTabListButton is set to true)
    - UltraExplorerBar (the "ExplorerBarNavigationOverflowQuickCustomizeButton" at the bottom right, when Style is…

  • App Styler - Style other controls than Infrag?

    Can the app styler style other controls than the Infrag controls, i.e. the standard controls that come with Visual Studios 2008?


  • UI Glitch during Infragistics 10 Upgrade from Infragistics 2 version.

    Project Type          : Windows Forms Application using VS 2017

    Original Project     : DotNet 3.5 and Infragistics 2

    Upgraded Project :  DotNet 4.5.2 and Infragistics 10.2


    After upgrading the Project to Infragistics 10.2, backcolour of the disabled Infragisics…

  • Unstylable elements in UltraToolbarsManager?

    I'm styling an application to have dark toolbars, but are having problems styling some aspects of the UltraToolbarsManager.
    Boiled down, the essence of it is these UI Role settings:
    - ToolbarDockArea: Background color = 52;52;52
    - Toolbar: Background…

  • Appointment fore color not retain while selecting an appointment in WinSchedule control

    Hi Team,

    We are using WinSchedule control and my functionality has below behavior

    1) Appointment Back color and fore color is based on some property of my appointment object (Its purely dynamic in nature). Whenever any appointment meet certain criteria…

  • how can I modify automatically generated element

    I have got these datepickers that are generated automatically but they are displayed incorrectly and it is not possible for me to change other things that can do what I need. So I want to ask is there a way I can modify these automatically created datepicker…

  • Freeze on AppStyling.StyleManager.Load Function...



    I use the 9.2 Infragistics Suite and i use the  AppStyling.StyleManager.Load function.

    When i load my LOGIN FORM, i apply the template (ISL File) and it works then... when the user wants to change the theme, the method freeze... no exception, just…

  • Programmatically change properties for ExplorerBarGroupItemAreaInner/Outer UI Roles


    We change Normal Background Color for ExplorerBarGroupItemAreaInner and ExplorerBarGroupItemAreaOuter roles for UltraTreeExplorerBar using AppStylist, then save in *.isl file. And there are one instance of UltraTreeExplorerBar on our application we do…

  • Getting styled EplorerBarNavigationPaneHeader appearance

    I'm using an UltraExplorerBar (Style=OutlookNavigationPane), and I'm trying to retrieve the colors of the navigation pane header so I can style a related (non-Infragistics) component similarly. How do I do that, taking into consideration that UltraExplorerBar…

  • Role selection settings not displayed correctly in run-time

    I have an issue with that the role selections are not getting displayed the correct way when editing in run time, see attachment, . It is the same for all components. 

    Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

  • UltraListView c#

    Bom dia! Tenho um ListView com vários checkbox criados através da base de dados. Queria para checkbox ao passar o rato por cima, me abrisse uma toolTip com várias informações daquele campo.

    Já tentei fazer pelo evento…

  • An item with the same key has already been added.


    We're getting the below exception. We're using version 16.2 of the WinForms controls.

    Can you please advise how can we proceed? How exactly can we know what is duplicate?

    at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource…

  • Error 1 Exception occurred creating type 'Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.UltraToolbarsManager...Unable to locate license assembly.


    When I completed format and changing my window 7 from 32 bit to 64 bit. I had open my window project (Development by Visual Studio 2008). I found below errors please kindly help me to fix the errors occurs? Thanks.

    Error 1 Exception occurred creating…

  • I can not see the themes

    I installed the theme but I can not see the themes, only have one ( If I click on the button )

    thank you

  • Checkbox in Ultra-combobox..

    Hi Mike, 

                I want to have checkbox for each dropdown  item of Ultra-combobox. Do we have any such feature for combo-box. I need to do this to select multiple items at same time  and then submit the form..



    How can I implement this.. ? 

  • Adding Custom Font in Infragistics controls

    How can we add custom font in infragistics controls (Win forms). Also can we add font names in dynamic styling sample?