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  • Scale break feature

    Any plans to implement this feature?

    Any suggestions what to do with such a charts?

    In our web-app we are using DX chart and this GREAT feature…

  • Currently selected datapoints in XamWebChart


    I have the following scenario. 

    There is a XamWebChart with ZoomRectangle property enabled. 

    Our requirement is to get the DataPoints selected in the ZoomRectangle area(before or after zooming) so that we can process the data. 

    Any suggestions on…

  • Display label on Doughnut Chart


    I am  new to  infragistics  controls and currently  need an  help in  displaying the  values as  part of  label in  infragistic chart.

    My sample  code  looks as  under :

    I have a collection class  called  SeverityStatus as under:

  • Series with different number of datapoints

    Is it possible to show two series with different number of datapoints on the same chart.  For instance, I want to have a column graph with 12-24 columns that has a line graph showing a limit drawn with just 2 datapoints.  I would also like to draw a trend…

  • copy WebChart legend object


    I would like to display the actual legend of the webchart in a different on the screen (out of the webchart). Actually I would like to display the legend on a diffeent tabsheet also, so the webchart would not be visible. I would like to do this dynamically…

  • Assemblies

    Should I remove the references to System.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.Toolkit from my application ifI'm using the Infragistics stuff?

  • Candlestick serise, Open==Close Horizontal line is not drawn?

      <igChart:ChartParameter Type="High" Value="10" />
      <igChart:ChartParameter Type="Low" Value="3" />
      <igChart:ChartParameter Type="Open"…

  • XamWebChart StackedBar Databinding


    I am trying to get the StackedBar Chart working with databindng in xaml. I am using the standard PatientBusinessLogic class from your examples. The data renders as 4 different bars instead of one stacked bar. Is this expected bahavior?  Is it possible…

  • Attatching objects to data points

    My data source for the charts is a collection of objects, I have set up the data mapping and called databind to setup the data points.

    On 'clicking' a data point I need access to the data source the item is bound to and as far as I can tell this isnt…

  • What is A PetaByte?

    According to

    • Wikipedia
      • “A petabyte (derived from the SI prefix peta- ) is a unit of information equal to one quadrillion (short scale) bytes, or 1 billiard (long scale) bytes. The unit symbol for the petabyte is PB. The prefix peta (P) indicates the…
  • How to more effectively get answers to your questions?


    This post will cover how to more effectively get answers to questions you have using Infragistics products. Note that if you have a license it is important for you to register your keys to ensure that you get the correct level of support…

  • SQLSaturday #179 Kharkov Event Recap

    Infragistics was presented at SQLSaturday Kharkov by me by me as a speaker.
    The event was held on Saturday, November 24th at pr. Moskovsky, 199-b, Conference Hall «Sun City Premium», Kharkov, Ukraine.

    Administrators at the conference was Andrey…

  • What's New in NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization 11.2 Release

    This blog is an overview of the new features, released in the Silverlight Data Visualization Vol. 11.2  product.

    NetAdvantage for Silverlight Data Visualization Vol. 11.2 includes several new exciting components and many feature enhancements to existing…

  • The XamPivotGrid gets slicers. Data analysis just got a little simpler

    One of the new features of Infragistics’ XamPivotGrid is the XamPivotDataSlicer. This is a convenient tool that provides the end user with an easy way to apply additional filters to the hierarchies selected in the columns, rows and filters areas and…

  • Assemblies and namespaces needed for a XamPivotGrid application

    Dear reader,

    If you are interested in developing an application with XamPivotGrid and you haven't heard about the Infragistics Startup Solutions you might be wondering what assemblies and namespaces you need to add to your project. In the general…

  • OLAP Axis: DataChart with data from cube data

    Setting up the DataChart to display cube data was a complicated job before. You had to manually create the series in the chart based on the data in the data source and update the UI every time when something changes in the data source. Integration…

  • Using XamPivotGrid and RIA Services.

    Using RIA services with XamPivotGrid is very similar to using RIA services with the XamDataGrid. The three basic steps that you need to take are:

    1. Create a project that supports RIA services
    2. Create a DomainDataSource.
    3. Bind the XamPivotGrid's DataSource…
  • XamPivotGrid is now fitted with rocket engines

    The 2011.2 release has been a very busy one. Lots of new features and lots of improvements. The XamPivotGrid control got a lot of attention in the past few months and in addition to the new XamPivotDataSlicer control it also got a bunch of performance…

  • How to use the Calendar control as a Slicer for the XamPivotGrid – part 2

    Last week I blogged about creating a basic slicer that looks like a calendar and upon selection of dates from it the data in the pivot grid is filtered. Here is the link to that article if you’ve missed it.

    This week we’re going to build up on what…

  • How to Use XamOlapPieChart

    With the previous version of Infragistics NetAdvantage 11.2 we shipped the awesome Olap Axis that enables the Data Chart to visualize data from an Olap data source. Here is the article that announced that. Now with the upcoming Infragistics NetAdvantage…

  • How to use the Calendar control as a Slicer for the XamPivotGrid – part 1

    Recently we had a customer that had a requirement to build an app using the Infragistics Pivot Grid and filter the data in it using a calendar. He needed to be able to select specific dates that should be included in the results of the pivot grid and…

  • Serializing XamPivotGrid views in Silverlight

    The XamPivotGrid control is an interactive tool. The data it visualizes changes according to the preferences of the user and they usually change during runtime. Finding information through data mining requires actions such as slicing, drilling down…

  • Infragistics Excel Library – new features and enhancements

    Good news for everyone that needs to use the Infragistics Excel library! Due to increased popularity and demand, the 11.2 release provides a number of improvements on this product. Here is a list with those new additions:

    ·         Shapes Support


  • New features in XamNetworkNode

    The 2011.2 release introduced a number of new features for the XamNetworkNode. The work we have done now makes it easier to use, scalable and more flexible.

    Lets take a look at the improvements in the Navigation first. In the old version the only way…

  • Using Data Editing in the XamDataChart to implement What-if Analysis functionality

    Users like to have quantitative data visualized as much as possible, in order to make it easier to understand, compare and discover patterns. In many cases, however, editing data takes your users away from its visual representation, into rather context…