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  • Currently selected datapoints in XamWebChart


    I have the following scenario. 

    There is a XamWebChart with ZoomRectangle property enabled. 

    Our requirement is to get the DataPoints selected in the ZoomRectangle area(before or after zooming) so that we can process the data. 

    Any suggestions on…

  • Display label on Doughnut Chart


    I am  new to  infragistics  controls and currently  need an  help in  displaying the  values as  part of  label in  infragistic chart.

    My sample  code  looks as  under :

    I have a collection class  called  SeverityStatus as under:

  • Series with different number of datapoints

    Is it possible to show two series with different number of datapoints on the same chart.  For instance, I want to have a column graph with 12-24 columns that has a line graph showing a limit drawn with just 2 datapoints.  I would also like to draw a trend…

  • copy WebChart legend object


    I would like to display the actual legend of the webchart in a different on the screen (out of the webchart). Actually I would like to display the legend on a diffeent tabsheet also, so the webchart would not be visible. I would like to do this dynamically…

  • Candlestick serise, Open==Close Horizontal line is not drawn?

      <igChart:ChartParameter Type="High" Value="10" />
      <igChart:ChartParameter Type="Low" Value="3" />
      <igChart:ChartParameter Type="Open"…

  • XamWebChart StackedBar Databinding


    I am trying to get the StackedBar Chart working with databindng in xaml. I am using the standard PatientBusinessLogic class from your examples. The data renders as 4 different bars instead of one stacked bar. Is this expected bahavior?  Is it possible…

  • Attatching objects to data points

    My data source for the charts is a collection of objects, I have set up the data mapping and called databind to setup the data points.

    On 'clicking' a data point I need access to the data source the item is bound to and as far as I can tell this isnt…

  • Using Logarithmic Scales to Clearly Communicate Chart Data

    A cool feature of the xamWebChart is the ability to set an axis to use a logarithmic scale rather than a traditional linear scale.  Using a logarithmic scale is useful when you have a set of data that covers a wide value range since the logarithmic scale…