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  • when i try to add long string for title for excel it will give a error (32 characters)


      workSheet = workbook.Worksheets.Add(sTitle);

    when I try to add a title for the Worksheet it will raise an error about the character limit. how can I add long titles for here 

  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'contentType')


    I'm trying to load files into this library via ExcelUtility.load(file), where `file` is an xlsx file.

    The application crashes and the following error occurs:

    CachedLoadPackagePart.ts:39 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading…
  • Export to Excel using IgxExcelExporterService with custom datetime format


    I'm using IgxExcelExporterService to export my columns and data to Excel. However, I'm facing issue whereby all my columns that contains the Datetime data type wasn't properly displayed in Excel unless I modified the column manually from Excel…

  • Save to an Excel format that supports dynamic arrays

    In January 2020, Excel introduced a new feature called dynamic arrays and files saved in previous versions could have the implicit intersection operator (@) affixed to the beginning of their function calls.

    We have a plugin that creates…

  • Numeric format setting via Format cells dialog with comma as decimal separator


    We encountered a bit strange behaviour in Format cells dialog when setting the format for numeric fields, while having a comma set as decimal separator in the regional settings of Windows. It seems that  the dialog uses period as the separator, regardless…

  • Creating an XYScatterLine chart


    For some reason, I can't figure out how to get an XYScatterLine chart to display data.

    I am doing this:

                        if (includeCharts)
                            WorksheetCell chartStartCell = worksheet.GetCell…

  • Read Excel file error - The left and top of the window bounds must be between -32768 and 32767


    I have an app that is processing excel files. To read the files I am using Infragistics4.WebUI.Documents.Excel.v12.2 library. Some times we are getting the error "The left and top of the window bounds must be between -32768 and 32767"

    By taking…

  • Do you have any suggestion to load xlsb or Excel4 file format into Infragistics Excel component ?


    I am getting an exception "The value of argument 'format' (-1) is invalid for Enum type 'WorkbookFormat'." from the below code

    Binary File : Workbook.Load("TestSheet.xlsb")

    Excel4 File : Workbook.Load("TestSheet…

  • Does Infragistics support loading Excel Binary files (.xlsb format)?

    I am getting an exception "The value of argument 'format' (-1) is invalid for Enum type 'WorkbookFormat'." from the following line of code.


    DLL Name: Infragistics4.Documents.Excel.v19…

  • Formulas and inserting worksheets on UltraSpreadsheet


    We encountered an interesting behaviour regarding UltraSpreadsheet, formulas and inserting new worksheets. It seems that when a new worksheet is inserted in between existing ones, the formulas referring cells in the new worksheet are replaced to point…

  • WinForms Excel vertical text

    I know you can rotate text in an Excel cell, but how do you set vertical orientation?  See below.

    within MS Excel you do this using the Format Cells dialog:

  • fit to pages excel jQuery or javascript

    I want setting page setup in excel "Adjust to ... % normal size" and "fit to ... page(s) wide by ... tall"

  • Cells/Columns missing when xlsx opened

    Hello, again we have trouble with a generated xlsx file. I already contacted the manufacturer of the component used for generation. According to them the file is fine.
    When i open the attached file in excel the result is okay. But when i open it with igSpreadsheet…

  • Legend Name changes to Series whenever Series Collection is more than 3

    Why does Legend text changes to  "Series" rather than Series Name whenever I have more than 3 Legend Element

  • Syntax Structure for Adding Legend

    Is there no code/syntax example on how to Add Legend on My Excel Chart?

  • Excel Library Exception, Negative Index


    my company has buy the library version 18.2 but i have a problem when I select some excel file.

    If I select the Excel file, whit dimension 17 K, i have an exception:

    Index not in range. Request a value not negative and less than of dimension of the…

  • Excel Hyperlink "A function in the formula has no closing parenthesis" error


    I'm referring to following article to add hyperlink to excel,, but i keep hit "A function in the formula has no closing parenthesis.

  • Excel Hyperlink "A function in the formula has no closing parenthesis" error


    I'm referring to following article to add hyperlink to excel,, but i keep hit "A function in the formula has no closing parenthesis.

  • Pictures get messed up by igSpreadsheet


    unfortunatly we're running again into issues with the spreadsheet component. We tested this with our app and your example ( as well.

    When opening an existing xlsx-File the images in that File…

  • Excel way of defining formulas


    Is there any way to specify formulas in UltraSpreadseet the same way as it is done in MS Excel, when you can select regions, which contribute to the formula?

    Excel formula


  • UI freeze during copy/paste operation inside spreadsheet

    I have met one very strange case, during working with UltraSpreadsheet. There is an Excel file, which, when loaded in the control, cause freezes on copy or paste. (At the moment, I have only single example of such an Excel, and I can't reproduce…

  • "Invisible" values in UltraSpreadsheet


    I have a very simple Excel file, which cannot be correctly displayed in UltraSpreadsheet. It looks like cells get wrong formatting with white font color. You can see the example on the screenshot.

    On the left hand side is a screenshot from the…

  • Is there a way to fill the WorksheetShape with gradient brush?

    There are bunch of static methods inside CellFill class, that let you create create gradient fill for cells. At the same time, ShapeFill methods are capable to create only solid fill.And I didn't find any other subclasses for ShapeFill, except ShapeFillSolid…

  • Crash on loading excel excel workbook using Infragistics.Excel.Workbook.Load

    Hi Infragistics

    I am facing a crash while loading an Excel file using following code:




    The crash appears only for xlsx file; not for xls.

    I am receiving the excel file from my client. And strangely the crash does not happen with same aforesaid…

  • Change cursor for UltraSpreadsheet control.

    Is there a way to change the cursor for the cell area of the UltraSpreadsheet control?

    I have tried to set ultraSpreadsheet1.UseWaitCursor = true, but it has no effect on cursor displayed above the cells, it remains as standard Excel cross.

    What I'd like…