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  • Excel memory usage

    I am finding that when I create a Workbook with many rows (300k) that it consumes a bit of memory, but does not release that memory.  The memory consumption just increases each time I create a new Workbook until the app crashes.

    I am using Xamarin.Forms…

  • InfragisticsWorksheetCell.GetText() throws exception for cell with custom format #/#### "SF"


    I wanted to document an exception I am seeing when using the Excel library to read a specific custom cell format.

    If an Excel cell has the following:

    • Value                                     .001
    • Custom Format                 #/#### "SF"
    • Excel displays                  1/1000 SF

    Then reading…

  • A function in the formula has no closing parenthesis

    When trying to  Workbook.Load("file.xlsx") we get

    Name Value Type
    $exception {"A function in the formula has no closing parenthesis.\r\nPortion with error: WEEKDAY($B12"} Infragistics.Documents.Excel.FormulaParseException
  • Index out of range error when exporting an UltraGrid to Excel

    We are using NetAdvantage 10.2  CLR2x (build 10.2.10201.1004) and have an UltraGrid displaying data in a usercontrol that is in a dock pane using an UltraWinDock.UltraDockManager

    We added a right-click content menu to export the grid to Excel and PDF.

  • [Excel export] Format of date & currency columns Lost

    I am currently working on trying to figure out why Custom formatting gets lost when exporting to excel. We use the following formatting:

    aBand.Columns[OrderKeys.ContractValue].Format = "C";
    aBand.Columns[OrderKeys.CancelDate].Format = "MM/dd/yyyy…

  • Export a subpart of a Grid to excel with GroupBy rows


    I am trying to export a grid to excel. It works fine with a flat grid (even only selected lines), or when I export the whole grid.

    When I sort the grid by more than one column, and I select a group which is under another group, I have a problem…

  • export to excel starting on 3 row of worksheet

    I'm using the UltraGridExporter and works great. But I want to start exporting on the Third row of the worksheet. I've seen code for the ExcelStartRow but that appears to be for the WebGrid. It doesn't show up as an option for me. How can I export starting…

  • Excel Exporter Header Line

    Is there anyway after I have exported my grid, and before I save it to insert a new row at the top of the worksheet that has a long description of what my grid is about? I am using 8.3 about to upgrade to 9.2, but have still not found a way to do this…

  • Export to a Excel with UltraGridExcelExporter

    I have a Ultragir with information and I used a UltraGridExcelExporter to export the grid to a excel and the result of the export is this:


    Is there any way to tell the UltraGridExcelExporter to insert text in excel and then after this text the  UltraGridExcelExporter…

  • Cannot set excel cell format


    I'm getting an exception for halving a string more than 32767 characters when exporting my data from UltraGrid to Excel. To handle this I am creating another worksheet and setting the value on the new worksheet and breaking up into multiple cells…

  • Cannot Set Excel Cell Format


    I am using UltraGridExcelExporter Export method to data from UltraGrid to Excel. During the export, I am receiving an exception for trying to set a string value with more than 32767 characters into a cell. My work around is to intercept this exception…

  • System.FormatException thrown by Winforms Excel 2018.1 WorksheetCell.GetText when cell has specific Conditional Formatting

    First, thanks for the new support of Excel Conditional Formatting in the Excel Import Winforms 2018.1 library! This is something our users have been asking for.

    We recently migrated from the 2016.2 version to the 2018.1 of the Excel import library and 

  • In 2017.2 Workbook.Recalculate(true) does not recalculate all formulas

    We recently upgraded from 2015.1 to 2017.2. After the upgrade, we're finding that calling Recalculate(true) before saving workbook no longer recalculates all formulas. It looks like this affects formulas that reference cells that also have formulas that…

  • Getting error while exporting grid to excel in Javascript.

    I am getting error "Unable to get the "excel" property of a null or undefined reference" while executing below line in javascript 

    var workbook = new $.ig.excel.Workbook($.ig.excel.WorkbookFormat.excel2007);

    Support needed !!!!! Thank…

  • Exporting multiple grids to same excel spreadsheet

    is there a way to export multiple grids to the same excel spreadsheet using the ultragridexcelexporter?

  • Excel creates corrupt file for large datasets

    I have a small app that collects data from a device and then writes that data to an Excel spreadsheet.  I have found that when the Excel file is too large, a corrupt Excel file is created.

    The following example code fails in a Xamarin.Forms app for Android…

  • How to read one Excel and output to another Excel keeping partial formatting?


    Is there a way to read from one Excel with Infragistics and output the same data to another Excel, while keeping the exact same formatting as the original? For example, if part of the text has strikethrough (see above, circle added by me) or some…

  • Infragistics Excel Control for DotnetCore Application

    Hi Team,

    Want to use the Infragistics Excel control to export data into excel. 

    Kindly share how to use Infragistics Excel Control in Dotnet Core application. 

    I want Export data to excel from server side using C#.Code.  

    Since I want export data along with…

  • Find and Replace through entire worksheet

    Dear Support @ Infragistics,

    I want to perform find and replace on the entire worksheet. Is there a way to accomplish the task using Infragistics.Documents.Excel. 11.1

    I am not interested in using Interop


  • Exception when loading Excel file with Conditional Formatting Rule, that contains formula.

    When trying to load Excel file with Workbook.Load, I get exception if the excel file have Conditional Formatting rule that has formula. The exception is Infragistics.Documents.Excel.FormulaParseException.

    Here is the StackTrace:

       at Infragistics.Documents…

  • Missing Charts with UltraSpreadsheet


    I use the control UltraSpreadsheet to watch a preview of my excel files on a panel form

    The control open and show the documents excel but without the charts.

    I even downloaded the samples solution package Infragistics_WinForms_20181_Samples.…

  • Conditional formatting in Excel


    We are currently using the Infragistics4.WebUI.Documents.Excel.v17.1.dll version. What we would like to accomplish is to copy the conditional formating rules of the cells of a row to the cells of another row.

    The initial template can have only a…

  • Copy cells or Region in Excel framework

    Good day!

    I'm not sure I chose the correct section for the question. I hope it's not a problem.

    The question is this: I use the excel framework to work with files and fill in the information in them.

    In my work, I need to copy the rows of tables…

  • Comment Indicator for Cell in UltraSpreadsheet

    We are beginning to add support for Comments in the UltraSpreadsheet.   As you would expect, we would ultimately need to selectively hide/show/edit the comment when a cell is hovered over.   But to start, we are programmaticly creating a comment on all of…