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  • Infragistics Excel Control for DotnetCore Application

    Hi Team,

    Want to use the Infragistics Excel control to export data into excel. 

    Kindly share how to use Infragistics Excel Control in Dotnet Core application. 

    I want Export data to excel from server side using C#.Code.  

    Since I want export data along with…

  • Find and Replace through entire worksheet

    Dear Support @ Infragistics,

    I want to perform find and replace on the entire worksheet. Is there a way to accomplish the task using Infragistics.Documents.Excel. 11.1

    I am not interested in using Interop


  • Exception when loading Excel file with Conditional Formatting Rule, that contains formula.

    When trying to load Excel file with Workbook.Load, I get exception if the excel file have Conditional Formatting rule that has formula. The exception is Infragistics.Documents.Excel.FormulaParseException.

    Here is the StackTrace:

       at Infragistics.Documents…

  • Missing Charts with UltraSpreadsheet


    I use the control UltraSpreadsheet to watch a preview of my excel files on a panel form

    The control open and show the documents excel but without the charts.

    I even downloaded the samples solution package Infragistics_WinForms_20181_Samples.…

  • Conditional formatting in Excel


    We are currently using the Infragistics4.WebUI.Documents.Excel.v17.1.dll version. What we would like to accomplish is to copy the conditional formating rules of the cells of a row to the cells of another row.

    The initial template can have only a…

  • Copy cells or Region in Excel framework

    Good day!

    I'm not sure I chose the correct section for the question. I hope it's not a problem.

    The question is this: I use the excel framework to work with files and fill in the information in them.

    In my work, I need to copy the rows of tables…

  • Comment Indicator for Cell in UltraSpreadsheet

    We are beginning to add support for Comments in the UltraSpreadsheet.   As you would expect, we would ultimately need to selectively hide/show/edit the comment when a cell is hovered over.   But to start, we are programmaticly creating a comment on all of…

  • export ultragrid with ultragridexcelexporter to excel 2007 (.xslx)


    I am using VS 2010 prof. and Infragistics2.Excel V 10. I am able to export the ultragrid rows and column (including headers) to excel 2003. But i am unable to export the ultragrid rows and columns to excel 2007 (.xslx). I am getting error as IPacageFactory…

  • Is there a way to let the user choose the location to export a grid to excel?

    Hi People,

    I'm using UltraGridExcelExporter to export a grid to excel. I give two arguments to it, the Grid and the location, Is there a way to let the user select the location to export the grid? I'm expecting something like the SaveFileDialog in Windows…

  • Excel file corrupted after load/save


    In my application, I have to load and save many times excel files.

    Some of them become corrupted after multiple saves.

    I tried with a sample project to load and save multiple times and for an excel document, it become corrupted after 4 load/save.

  • RowsCollection exception Object must be of type Double


    I'm performing an import from an excel in a custom way.

    At same point I try to invoke the RowsCollection.Count or RowsCollection.All to perform my own count.

    In both cases i Got an exception from the RowsCollection saying that Object must be of…

  • How to export WebDataGrid to Excel?


    Is there any method to export WebDataGrid to Excel file?


  • Export to Excel without manually creating the excel workbook

    Hi, I am using ASP.Net MVC. On Ignite UI's website , The sample contains numerous method including method that set up the columns and rows of the worksheet manually according to the grid and then the data is exported to it.

    Isn't there a shorter…

  • Not able to get actual row details using Infragisctics Excel Import component

    Dear All,

    We are facing below issue while importing excel file in our application.

    Issue Description:

    If user has imported the excel sheet with some empty rows between data rows in the excel sheet, infragistics shall not consider those empty rows. If…

  • Excel Workblook.Load() takes a very long time

    I've seen many posts about Excel.Workbook.Load() taking a long time. We're using 2015.1. Have there been any improvements in this area in more recent versions?


    1. We need to open a workbook and get the list of worksheets. This can…

  • Adding Excel checkbox to document

    I'm generating a Excel document and I want to add boolean field.

    My C# model has a boolean field that needs to be mofiled in exported excel document. By default Infragistics Excel Library generates TRUE/FALSE text in the sheet cell. How to generate…

  • Export To Excel Build Error

    I am trying to build the source code provided in below URL for ExportTpExcel.wpf.xaml.cs in VS2012.

    But I am unable to resolve below references:

    using IGExcel.Resources;

  • Export oracle DB table to excel

    Hello guys... I want to learn how to export my data in oracle table to excel and load the excel file using infragistics framework. I'm working on visual studio 2015 with C# for WPF application. Do you have any sample code how to produce solution for this…

  • CellValuePresenter.FromCell() returns null while creating a dummy record at runtime

    I am using the following code which works fine when there is at least one row already created on XamDataGrid UI screen. But i would like to create a dummy row(assuming no rows on UI)at run time by using my data source collection and run the following…

  • IGExcel Build Error

    I have version 13.2 install on the machine. I download the IGExcel sample source code and try to build the solution. When I opened the solution, I see a lot of mission reference because all the infragistics reference in the dll is version 16.1. So I remove…

  • Blank row added when Export to Excel from XamDataGrid using XamGridExcelExporter


    I am using Infragistics v11.1. Whenever i export my XamDataGrid to excel using XamGridExcelExporter, it creates a blank record alternatively between each and every record.

    How could i avoid this?? Please do suggest me a solution.

  • Creating Excel file, formatting a column of numbers is inconsistent

    Using Infragistics4.Documents.Excel.v15.1 in my C# application to create an Excel report.  Applying a format string to a column, and some of the numbers are displaying formatted, while others are not.  Looking at the file in Excel, the cells that are not…

  • Formula removal from Excel Worksheets


    I have some source excel files (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsx) which contain some formulae. I programmatically fill some cells using Infragistics Excel API and the excel formula will fill the rest of the cells.

    When I save this excel workbook, it saves the…

  • Conditional formatting

    Hi there,

    In Excel it is possible to apply conditional formatting to a region. This is done using rules such as "highlight cells rules" or "top/bottom rules". I'm curious whether it is also possible to use this functionality from the Infragistics Excel…

  • Workbook.Load(filestream) throws System.ArgumentException


     I am using the Infragistics Excel library to analyze excel files and deliver a reporting base.

    I am using Infragistics in version 15.1.20151.2008. When loading some of the files I have for testing, I get the following exception: "System.ArgumentException…