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  • What configuration do I need to have to build 2016.1 sl source?

    Howdy Infragistics,

        I found a neat project that allows you to recompile SL code to web assembly/html5. If I got your controls to work on there we could potentially migrate without a major rewrite.

    So I downloaded…

  • Usage of Infragistics control XamTileManager in WPF

    Hi ,

    Earlier we have used XamTileManager  control in our Silverlight project successfully... Now we are migrating from Silverlight to WPF and trying to use this control XamTileManager in WPF but looks some issue. please find below error details:


  • HyperLinkColumn Click Event Code behind

    Hi Team,

    i have a small issue that i need to create the XamGrid column from code behind and catch the Hyperlink Click event.

    _grid.Columns.Add(new HyperlinkColumn
    Key = columnKey,
    HeaderText = FormatColumnHeader(entry.Key),
    //FormatString = formatString…

  • Infragistics.Controls.Interactions.XamHtmlViewer


    I am using

    Infragistics.Controls.Interactions.XamHtmlViewer in my Silverlight project. I assigned  a valid URI to SourceUri property. I also wanted the URL to open in a new window. Can you help me with the code?

    Currently I have


  • Xamgrid addNewRow

    Hi team, i am new to WPF and Infragistics world, need help from WPF experts,

    We are using Xamgrid in our application, we enabled AddNewRow , everything is fine with new row functionality when we tab out from row, new row is getting added to grid,but…

  • Is there an equivalent in Silverlight to the XamTabControl for WPF (for Wizard style)?

    Is there an Infragistics control for Sliverlight that is the equivalent of the XamTabControl (or UltraTabControl in WinForms) that provides for a Wizard style? 

  • Issues Building Infragistics Silverlight 14.2 (20142.2159)

    It appears that the source package is simply incomplete as far as I can tell.

    There are many Design project references which are broken (the two dlls being: Microsoft.Windows.Design.Extensibility.dll and Microsoft.Windows.Design.Interaction.dll).


  • Bind XamPieChart ItemsSource to ViewModel Property

    Hi I Couldn't find way to Bind XamPieChart ItemsSource to my view model Property. Suppose we have ViewModel

    namespace SomeNameSpace


         public class DataItem

            public string Label { get; set; }
            public double Value { get; set; }


  • Cool "sphere" control


    Does anybody have any idea where I can find the little sphere control used in the top right corner of this sample: ?



  • Need to render PDF in Silverlight


    Is there any control available in infragistics to support rendering a PDF document in the Silverlight application? I need to load a PDF report in a popup window in my Silverlight application.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • No DLLs installed/trouble finding them for referencing

    Edit: Full uninstall, download and re-install fixed the issue.


    I'm trying to install Infragistics for use in a Silverlight application but I'm having trouble locating the dlls for referencing. I had some old v14 dlls referenced as part of the project…

  • xamMaskedEditor Deprecated?

    Hello Infragistics Experts,

    I am upgrading a product from using Infragistics Silverlight 11.2 to 13.1.

    I see that in 12.2 the xamMaskedEditor  and xamNumericEditor were deprecated. Why were they deprecated? Are there new controls that replace their functionality…

  • ig:XamGrid multi-column sort doesn't work


    I tried many different samples and my local sample for the Grid multi-column sort but it seems like I can't get it work.  I already checked on the AllowSorting, Multi Column Sorting and Show Indicator checkboxes.  But still no luck.  Below is the…

  • Addrow in XamGrid while the filter is on

    Weird problem that looks straight forward but not sure what am I missing -

    I am using a xamGrid bound to observable collection. The collection has data rows which I can see in the grid. Now I apply the Grid filter (by clicking on the icon on grid column…

  • Populate Image button in xamdatagrid based on specific binding property

    We have a requirement where we have to create an image on the specific column based on the Error occured for grid row. when user add new row in the grid and click on validate the data if there is any error occurder for specific row data then we wanted…

  • Office 2013 theme

    Is there a Silverlight version of Office 2013 theme?

    WPF version is described at 

  • How to enable/disable checkbox column based on some condition in Silverlight XamGrid(without using Triggers and code behind file)

    Hi all,

    I have got a requirement like based on certain conditions I need to enable/disable checkbox columns for few particular records in the Datagrid i.e. silverlight xamgrid of infragistics.

    We do not have Style.Triggers and also the xamgrid is present…

  • Silverlight.Excel reading data using GetPivotData


    I am using Infragistics with SilverLight and using the Excel Engine to open the excel file on client side and refresh the data however the document needs to be refreshed for formulas and one of the sheet uses GetPivotData function which was not supported…

  • Infragestics excel exporeted comment showing at the top left of Excel worksheet area while opting for edit in MS Excel

    Infragestics excel exporeted comment showing at the top left of Excel worksheet area while opting for edit in MS Excel 

  • The problem with using InfragisticsSL4.Controls.Menus.XamRibbon.v11.1

    Good afternoon.
    Previously worked on Windows XP, everything worked fine.
    Switched to Windows 7x32, there was a problem during installation InfragisticsSL4.Controls.Menus.XamRibbon.v11.1.
      Create an application for Silverlight4, using other components

  • Custom format when exporting to Excel changes £ sign to $ sign

    We're exporting a grid of data to Excel as xls using the Infragistics Excel controls. We've got code that converts the grid display format to the equivalent Excel format. In the case of currency values we're setting the format as a custom string like…

  • XamGeographicMap cannot load shape file

    I tried the example from

    It shows the map control only without shapefile. I put the shapefile under "ClientBin\ShapeFiles\Cntry00…

  • Infragistics Plugin for Coded UI Test (VS2010)

    hi  i am newly trying to use the coded ui for the silver light web application i am unable to identify the controls for the objects may i know what are the necessary required software or dll for identify the objects . i hope a quick reply .

  • Need info regarding Treemap control


    I want to know if there is any grouping functionality in treemap control similar to Telerik HeatMap control. Currently am using xamtreemap control but am unable to implement grouping functionality. I need to know if there is any way to achieve this…

  • How to consume third party webservice in Silverlight ??

     am trying to use TaxCloud webservices (  for  getting TaxRates,in my LocalHost using Vb.Net in Silverlight

    I added TaxCloud Webservice reference in my project and trying to access Lookup function.


    Address of Webservice :