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  • MultiSelect with Search in UltraCombo / UltraComboEditor


    I am trying to find a way to select multiple options from either an UltraCombo or UltraComboEditor. This alone is pretty straightforward by editing a few of the CheckedListSettings properties, but the problem is that I also want the user to be…

  • Add filterrow in ultracombo (similar to ultragrid)

    Currently, the UltraGrid has a column that has the EditorComponent of UltraCombo and that is a multi-select combo.

    We are trying to add the functionality of a filter row in the combo dropdown so that users can able to filter the data source and select…

  • Default filtered combo in grid

    So I have a ultragrid with a list of custom objects as it's datasource. Two of the columns have ultracombos for drop down selection. The first column is for warehouse and is not filtered. The second column is bin and it is filtered based on the selection…

  • UltraCombo using virtual UltraDataSource as the datasource?

    I'm guessing the answer is no but I thought I'd ask here just to be sure.

    I've put together an UltraComboEditor in conjunction with a plain ol LIST and a VALUELIST and that works fine.

    I'd +LIKE+ to be able to bind it to a UltraDataSource…

  • UltraCombo DisplayMember not working, still shows all columns

    I have an UltraCombo control with a DataTable as the datasource.  I have the DisplayMember set to one of the columns, as well as the ValueMember.  However, ALL columns are still being displayed when clicking on it.  Why is it ignoring the setting?

    I tried…

  • UltraCombo Row Selected on New Row Creation in UltraWinGrid

    I am using an ultracombo as the editor for a column in ultrawingrid. The ultracombo contains has 2 text fields - one for the value and one for the text. When the user inserts a new row into the grid, the first row of the ultracombo is selected. How do…

  • UltraCombo and UltraComboEditor Constraints

    Hi guys,

    I've just experience something weird. Or maybe it's just me. LOL.

    I have a table that has a unique key between two column in that table. Each column is also linked to a different table. I currently have a normal VS combo box on my form…

  • UltraCombo - AutoCompleteMode = Suggest or = SuggestAppend how to get the count of filtered rows?

    I am trying to automatically select the row if there is only one row in the list of filtered rows visible in the suggested result.

    I have tried the following:

    1. FilteredInRowCount
    2. FilteredInNonGroupByRowCount
    3. GetFilteredInNonGroupByRows()
    4. FilterRow
    5. S…
  • How can I change UltraCombo tooltip text for a value in a column


    Maybe a simple question, but I can't a simple way to do this

    I have a table with 3 columns (CodeID, CodeDesc and CodeLongDesc)

    ReasonCmb.DisplayMember = "CodeDesc";
    ReasonCmb.ValueMember = "CodeID";

    I would like to set…

  • UltraCombo BindingList bulk update?


    I'm working on an infinite scroll dropdown, and having some issues with trying to figure out to do a bulk update of the underlying list.

    We decided to go with a BindingList, so that we could set the data source once, and as the user scrolls…

  • UltraCombo scrolling to updated items automatically


    This is kind of a follow up to my previous question.

    Without going into a ton of presumably unrelated business logic, my method for infinite scroll on my ultra combo is to load it initially with a BindingList of the correct total size. For example…

  • How to be notified when UltraCombo is scrolled or visible results are changed?

    I am working on an infinite scroll type control, and I want to be able to automatically query for subsequent pages as I scroll through my results. However, I can't seem to find anyway with an UltraCombo to be notified which rows are displayed/visible…

  • Is there a way to not change the text of ultracombo when using the keyboard to select a column in dropdown

    I did the operation of loading data in the textchange event of ultracombo, When using the mouse wheel to browse the columns in drop-down, the textchange event will not be triggered. However, when using the keyboard, it will change the selection line in…

  • The matching row in drop-down is not selected after typing the complete text

    We set a column in the ultragrid to ultracombo. And we will load different data according to the change of text.
    The row of the drop-down list is not selected after the text of ultracombo matches the data source.
    But after I backspace and delete a string…

  • UltraCombo always flash after adding new data

    Because I have too much data, I divided the data into several pages, and then loaded into the UltraCombo page by page.
    When I load the next page data, UltraCombo will bind the new data. When binding, the drop-down of ultraCombo will flash.

    I want to ask…

  • The keyboard down key in Template Row is invalid

    I used ultraGrid_InitializeTemplateAddRow to add a row of template rows in ultragrid, and defined a cell as ultraCombo in the template row. But the keyboard down key in ultraCombo is invalid.

  • UltraCombo.Text in UltraGrid gets empty string

    I set a column in ultraGrid to ultraCombo. After I edit the text in ultraCombo, I drop down ultraCombo again. UltraCombo has a value on the UI, but the value of ultraCombo.Text is in the BeforeDropDown method is an empty string.

  • Show top 10 result for suggestion in ultracombo

    Hi Guy,

    I have a large datasource with more than 10.000 row for autocomplete using in UltraCombo, the performance is very poor.

    Could we customize the searching for autocomplete to show only top 20 result in datasource?


  • Show top 10 result for suggestion in ultracombo

    Hi Guy,

    I have a large datasource with more than 10.000 row for autocomplete using in UltraCombo, the performance is very poor.

    Could we customize the searching for autocomplete to show only top 20 result in datasource?


  • UltraCombo start with empty value

    When app runs combo takes as initial value 1st  item on list (Im binding datatatble)

    Is there any option to leave it blank - so user need to select ?

    (still I do need Limit to list functionality)

  • I use Infragistics UltraWinGrid.UltraCombo Box

    I set the DataSource to a two column DataTable

    I set the ValueMember to the first column

    I set the DisplayMember to the second column

    Once the user selects a row, How can I see the "SelectedValue", like I could with a WIndows ComboBox?


  • Disable option in UltraCombo


    I am using infragistic 15.1 and I want to disable some options in combobox, but I do not want to remove it for list, but just make them unavailable to select.

    Is something like that supported in Infragistic UltraCombo?

  • UltraGrid - Combo type field, is there a way of adding an expression to determine which of two display texts to show


    I have a combo and it can show two different display texts for the same value. I have inserted code below to show this in a grid.

    In the combo field there are two options for each "Not Viewable" entity. There is also another filed that actually shows…

  • UltraCombo and UltraComboEditor dropdown button paints big black arrow after upgrade of visual studio project from 2012 to 2015

    I have upgraded a visual studio c# project from 2012 to 2015. Infragistics was reinstalled, and is version 13.2

    Now when running the app, the ultracombo dropdown button/arrow looks like this when getting the focus:

    its only in this project, not new…