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  • inserting UltraGrid inside UltraCombo

    I have a requirement wherein when a dropdown or combobox drops down , it has a Gridview with filter feature.

    So I thought if we could add Ultragrid inside Ultracombo or something...

    Please suggest how to do that .

  • UltraCombo, selected/checked item order match the clicked order

    Would like to see an override for the standard behavior of the UltraCombo when dealing with Selecting Multiple Values via checked items.

    If I understand correctly the datavalue is driving the order in which the list is being generated & comma separated…

  • binding dropdown value list to the dropdown value list in another column

    I have a table "tbl_credit_memos" to store credit memo detial. The credit_memos table has among other, a field for 'CustomerNo' and a field for "InvoiceNo".

    tbl_credit_memos is displayed in a wingrid call ug_Main.

    I have a dropdown…

  • Changing back color of selected item in dropdown


    How to change back color of the selected item in the dropdown, currently its coming blue by default. I wanted to change to light yellow.
    If anyone knows about this please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ultra Combo, Ultra Calendar Combo hide show Link Button

    I am using 7.2 Version, I am facing an issue that I am unable to hide the show Link Button which is showing for the Combo and Calendar controls. I am able to find the this property for Text Editor as (ShowLnkButton = "Never") but I am unable…

  • Auto resizing (width) of custom UltraCombo

    I have a custom UltraCombo that is composed in a winforms UserControl class.

    I have embedded this custom combo in another form (popup dialog) for use. The users have the option to resize the popup dialog.

    Is there a way to have the width of the custom…

  • Setting initial selected values on a muti-select UltraCombo control

    Hi, I have an multi-select UltraCombo on a form which is bound to a list of values. What all the guides, samples, and questions seem to omit is how to bind the control to a list of initially selected values.

    I have tried both manually setting and databinding…

  • UltraCombo preventing application from closing

    I've found that Alt + F4 does not close our application when an UltraCombo with multiple selection has the focus. We are using version 16.2.

    I have seen a number of older threads on this topic and I've checked that LimitToList is false and AllowNull…

  • UltraGrid Column used as Dropdown - Display Text

    I am creating a custom datasource where I create a Data Table with 5 columns and pre-populate the data. One of the columns stores an ID value from another table (ContainerID) and I would like to have that column as a dropdown with the available Containers…

  • Updating bound list objects in multi-select UltraCombo


    I am trying to add an UltraCombo with multi-select capabilities to my grid. 

    So far I've successfully created the multi-select UltraCombo by implementing the CheckedListSettings property, allowing me to select multiple items from the drop down …

  • ultrawingrid.UltraCombo.SelectedRow property assignment

    I have an UltraWinGrid.UltraCombo control that I am setting the SelectedRow property = a valid(or so it looks to me) UltraWinGrid.UltraGridRow.

    Upon setting the property results in the property assigned Nothing (Null).

                    Dim JimRow As Infragistics.Win…

  • Combo AutoComplete suggestion dropdown width

    I am using an UltraCombo and I have some cosmetic/layout questions.

    Is there a way to make the suggestion dropdown longer and show all the text. Please see this image (

    I want the dropdown cells to show the full text. I would…

  • Keyboard accessibility for EditorButton in UltraComboEditor


    I'm developing an application which has an UltraComboEditor with an EditorButton in it. I'm needing that button to be accessible via the keyboard but have been unable to find a way to do it so far in my searches. Is it currently possible? A previous…

  • UltraComboEditor.DataSource change in code

    Hi there,

    I'm having issues when changing the DataSource of a UltraComboEditor, databound using the DisplayMember/ValueMember/Value property.

    Whether I change the DataSource before the source property or after, the UltraComboEditor always shows…

  • UltraComboEditor doesn't resize (not responsive)

    I'm changing a ComboBox for an UltraComboEditor and I want this UltraComboEditor to be responsive as I resize de window. 

    The ComboBox resize perfectly, but the ultraComboEditor doesn't.

    I have de the dropdownlist = -1 and it works perfectly…

  • UltraComboEditor with multicolumn only in grids?

    Hello to all,

    I'm confused about the example about the UltraComboEditor:

    You can find this example also in the local installed Inftragistics example projects.

    In both…

  • Ultra Combo Free Text Search


    I am using UltraWinGrid.UltraCombo in my windows form with multiple selection (checkbox before each item in the combobox).

    Since I have multiple selection, I couldn’t enable hot key (Auto suggest when something is entered in the combobox).…

  • UltraComboEditor with rounded border has square background behind


    I am currently using a UltraComboEditor (Infragistics 14.2 Win CLR4x ) in my winform program. However, when I set the UCE border to rounded, there appear to be a square background behind it, as shown in the attached file, how can I remove that?

  • Validating Event Fires Even Though Combo Is ReadOnly

    I have a combo that I have set to be ReadOnly.  I also have a event handler for the combo's Validating event.  I don't understand why it would fire since the data can't be changed.  Since it is firing, I'm trying to deal with it in the Validating…

  • Setting a single column ultra combo box with an initial value

    I have an ultra combo box that is populate with a table, the table only has one column coming back from sql. I added a row to the table via dataView  a row with a value of "*ALL" and i want this value to be selected without having to click on the dropdown…

  • combo list (grid) does not seem to allow background color changes


    I have a combo that lists a data table. Each of these items carry a hidden column (ColorInt) with an integer color value. I wish to use this hidden value in the dropdown grid to color each of the rows. I wrote:

    private void cboTest_InitializeRow…
  • Ultra Combo Box


    i have the following Problem:

    when i write in the box "b" then is the Focus on the last (see on the Picture 1) row. I Need the focos of the first row (see on the Picture 2)


    1 = no   2 = yes

    And how i can change the height of the scrollist…

  • Prevent focus rects entirely

    Good day,

    Is there a "global" way of preventing focus rectangles from being drawn on combo box controls (or all controls in general, for that matter)?

    It's easy enough to create a general-purpose draw filter, but it's a bit cumbersome to attach…

  • UltraCombo


    i have a Problem.

    How works in UltraCombo the following function from a standart combo

    cbTest.DroppedDown = True

    Thank you for your Help


  • UltraCombo Lastfocus Event

    Hi All,

       I am using Infragistics UltraCombo in my window application, I have written some logic in Lastfocus event of Ultracombo box, but when executing the application when i click the Ultracombo it's getting executed UltraCombo Lastfocus eve…