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  • How show the visible index in a calculate column of a grid


    I need to rank my rows in a grid on the if the value in one column is not 9999 and the grid is sorted as the rows should be ranked I tried to add an unbound column and a formula that shows the visible index as a ranking but I don't seem to get in…

  • Cell Style lost when filtering binding source


    I have a binding source that is the data source for the ultragrid.  I am using filter property of the binding source to filter rows. This is working fine. When I load the grid I change style for the some cells in a specific column. Not all the…

  • UltraGrid not loading data rows, only columns

    I have a form with two tabs on it.  One tab's UltraGrid is loading its data properly.  The other tab, with a similar grid and code, is not loading its data.  The data source has data in it, and I can see it being set to the UltraDataRow, however, it…

  • How do I get the tooltip text on a control (UltraToolTipManager) to show when I mouse over the grid cell to which the control is assigned as the editorcomponent

    I have some nicely formatted tool tip text that is created using the UltraTooltipManager assigned to a ultraCheckBox control. The control uses the glyph functions to assign icons for both the on and off states. This control is placed in an ultra grid…

  • Ultra Zoom Panel Min ZoomFactor/Zooming Out

    Hello, I'm trying to implement a control with an ultragrid that would allow the user to zoom out a great deal, similar to what is allowed in Excel. I was hoping I'd be able to accomplish this using the Zoom Panel but it appears the minimum value for ZoomProperties…

  • Get selected value of Sorted Filter items on Ultra PivotGridControl


    I've an UltraPivotGrid control, an i'm trying to get which items are Sorted in DropFilterArea.

    I'm using the event FilterSelectorClose, but diferent, for exemple, from ColumnsDropArea that has a Result method that returns which fileds are…

  • populating ultragrid


    I have a datasource with 10000 rows and 280 columns. It is essential to the project to filter the grid, so I choose LoadStyle.PreloadRows.

    Based on the cellcontent an appearances needs to be set. For the project, this is a result of a LINQ query. I…

  • Drop item below the selected row


    I'm using UltraGrid to show a list of items with DragOver event Handler. However in this case I can only drop an item over the target row.

    How do I drop a selected row below the target row ?


  • Adding new ICustomSummaryCalculator to an ultrawingrid "default" sigma popdown selector. Help please :¬) -Retry 2

    I am back for a another go at this and i hope that because i have upgraded to 18.1 i will get a better result

    I have a working ICustomSummaryCalculator which adds an "Alway On" summary to my columns

    Users would like this ICustomSummaryCalcula…

  • How to add a ultragroupbox with dockable beside my ultrgrid

    i have a ultragrid in my win form and now i need to add two ultragroupboxes with dockable feature beside ultragrid.

    Can any one please tell me how to do this iam new to infragistics api

  • How to get the grid from a column

    Given an UltraGridColumn is it possible to find the grid this column belongs to?

  • Bind Ultragrid to LINQ result (and keep it editable)

    Hello from Germany,

    databinding an UltraGrid (ugrMyData, v16)  to a DataTable in a DataSet works fine:

    ugrMyData.DataSource = dstTreeBuilder.MyData;

    The UltraGrid is editable and passes new and updated rows to the DataTable.

    Now imagine that, instead…

  • Ultragrid row selector position while grouping, row selector image for multiple rows selection and cell editing when cellclickaction is RowSelect


    I am using Infragistics Netadvantage Windows Forms 2012.1. I am using UltraGrid in my applications and facing a challenge in implementing the following customer's requirements.

    1. When using grouping in the Ultragrid ,I am using

  • How to embed UltraListView into ultragridcell

    I successfully embedded ultratexteditor, ultracomboedior, etc controls.
    but i don't know how to embedded UltraListView control in ultragridcell

    UltraListView conrol is impossible ?

  • How to add/change text of UltraGrid's GroupBy headers?

    I have an UltraGrid and I'd like to modify the text that is shown in the group headers when you enable the GroupBy functionality by dragging a column's header to the top of the grid.

    The text I'd like to add to the header is the value of a column…

  • Problem with press and hold


    I have a WinForms application with a grid with TimeSlotUIElement or HourUIElement elements. The problem that I have is, when I do an action with the right click of mouse, the type of the UIElement (that I capture with UltradayView.UIElement.ElementFromPoint…

  • UltraGrid child band not showing columns when using EF classes generated by dotnet command


    I am using EF class objects as grid datasources generated by command "dotnet ef dbcontext scaffold ...", which reside in another .Net Core project of the VS solution.

    The parent class looks like:

    namespace myDB.Models
        public partial…

  • How to get Grid reference in Context menu of Ultragrid ?

    I have added dynamically a context menu and added a menu item to it to export grid. 

    grid.ContextMenu.MenuItems.Add("Export Grid", new EventHandler(gridExporter));

    private void gridExporter(object sender, EventArgs e){




  • change captions on summary

    Hi this is my first topic and I hope explaind correctly

    I´m latin developer and I need translate all most the controls, I need change the captions of items in summary form for example

    Average -> Promedio

    Count -> Recuento

    Sum -> Sum


  • FilterComparisonStyle.DisplayTextOnly has no effect on UltraGrid Column.

    One of the columns of my UltraGrid uses a ValueList from int to string to display the record label on the screen for the related id as integer.

    A record has the label "0830 (0800)". When I enter "08" in the filter of that column, that row is filtered…

  • CalcManager creates column only with DataType String


    I am facing an issue using infragistics calcmanager.

    Thats what I do is:

     --> Read a formula from the user

     --> Create a new column with this formula

    DisplayLayout.Grid.Rows.Band.Columns.Add("Key_" + columnName, columnName).Formula =…

  • Can't programatically change Grid background when theme is applied

    I have numerous color themes defined for my application and the user can select the one they want to use. This application is very big and has numerous Grids which are all used in different ways.  Because to this at times the theme colors are not appropriate…

  • null reference on Infragistics.Win.FormattedLinkLabel.TextSectionUIElement.GetTextBaseLine


    I have an UltraGrid with a UltraFormattedTextEditor as column editor.

    If I enter numbers on a Windows 10 english desktop with the chinese IME pad enabled and then leave the edit mode I get a null reference.
    Investigation shows that the null reference…

  • UltraGrid not displayed correctly


    I've an UltraGrid in a Windows Forms application. And on some clients the grid is not displayed correctly. The data rows are overlaying parts of the column headers and the filter row. What can cause this?

    ultragrid display error

  • How to export hidden rows to excel in UltraGrid?

    I use ultraGridExcelExporter to export the ultragrid list data, but I can only export rows whose row's Hidden property is false. Now, I want to export all the row data, including those hidden, what should I do?