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  • Showing DropDownList displaytext value

    Hi, I'm using UltraGrid (Infragistics4.Win.UltraWinGrid.v15.2) in a .NET Framework 4.5 WinForms application.

    For one of the columns, I have the column style set as DropDownList and the valuelist set as a small filtered list of values (containing the…

  • How to disable escape characters from ultragrid cell


    I am using ultragrid ( Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid, Version=21.1.20211.24, )

    When I edit cell and put space (or > or < characters) into the string and hit enter (i.e exit the edit mode), My backing property's setter get called and I get value…

  • Null Reference Exception OnSelectionChangeCommitted on the 2nd and consecutive adding of rows to the UltraWinGrid.

    I started this from existing code written by someone else so I am not sure why things are done the way they are or what everything means exactly.

    All the Infragistics tools are contained in a nuget package. 

    I am setting a global dataview object taken from…

  • Grid row not growing with font

    This worked just fine before I upgraded.

    My rows don't grow with the fontsize.  I've tried all the rowsize options like this:

    grid.DisplayLayout.Override.RowSizing = RowSizing.AutoFree;

    Here's what I get no matter what.

  • ULTRAGRID - Double BeforeRowUpdate Event fired when I change focus on UltraTextBox


    I have a problem with my grid. I charge all data in the grid correctly, i try to do a row update and if I change focus in other row or another control, the BeforeRowUpdate event fires once with any problem. But if i change focus in a UltraTextBox…

  • UltraGrid's ChildBand rows disappear when changing the linked field value of the parent row


    I have a Windows form with an UltraGrid using a DataSet as its data source. The DataSet contains 2 tables with 1 relation defined (table1's "stepName" field = table2's "parentStep" field). When first loading the form, the UltraGrid correctly shows…

  • Ultragrid copy paste issue

    When i copy any text and paste it into the ultragrid cell ,it is directly replacing the existing cell value.It is not pasting where the cursor location is.

    It means suppose in ultragrid cell value is "XYZ" and i paste ABC in between Y and Z then it is…

  • Customize UltraGrid

    we have this grid and that left list.. I would like to know if I am able to manipulate that left list. is there any event that I can do that? I would like to search on that list and bring only the column desired.

  • First steps in the UltraGrid

    Good morning, I am trying to use the UltraGrid for the first time.

    I'm really lost honestly. I would like to ask you please to show me the step by step, from creating the columns, configuring the properties, setting the values ​​and how to access them…

  • NET6 UltraGrid missing methods LoadFromXML and SaveAsXml

    Hi guys,

     I'm using WinForms UltraGrid for NET6 (not .Net Framework) and noticed that grid.DisplayLayout.LoadFromXML() and grid.DisplayLayout.SaveAsXml() are missing.

    In my application I need load previously saved xml layout (from a .Net Framework version…

  • Splitting merged cells in Excel export

    I have a set of reports with multiple levels of header.  The headers themselves (which have to be groups in order to account for the multiple levels) have two pieces of data in them:

    When I was creating this table in ASP.NET (back before I was using Infragistics…

  • How to read xml files into UltraGrid with one schema file


    We are reading xml files in an UltraGrid using below code, with this code we can be able to read any xml file data into UltraGrid. But the problem with the Data Type of a column. While reading XML it's taking column data type as String. Due to that…

  • Ultra Grid filter problem

    in infragistics version 18.1.20181.88 if we apply filter(more then 2) in Ultra Grid, It is showing as "custom" 

    in infragistics version 20.2. 20202.14 If we apply filter ( more then 2) in Ultra Grid, It is showing as "In with elements selected…

  • Fill Ultracombo from list in UltraGrid

    I have the following code to add a combobox in a grid cell, my problem is that as you can see en the image, it is displayed empty:

    I have the following class:

    Public Class Priority
            Public Code As String
            Public Abbr As String
    End Cl…

  • Setting a MonthOperand, a RelativeDateOperand or a QuarterOperand instance

    context: using ultraGridFilterUIProvider for excel alike filters on datetime columns. (Infragistics4.Win.UltraWinGrid.v18.1, Version=18.1.20181.88)

    my issue starts when i try to set a stored/recreated value for a filter on my application.


  • Ultragrid (and UltraCombo) Lose Layout Formatting

    I've recently taken over maintenance of a Windows desktop application that uses several Infragistics controls, most notably the Ultragrid.

    I've run into what I think is an odd issue. A request came in to change the dimensions of a form to increase…

  • Grid performance - appearance initialization

    We are initializing the appearance for an editor control that we are using like this:

        internal class HiddenLinkFormattedTextEditor : UltraFormattedTextEditor
            internal HiddenLinkFormattedTextEditor()
                var foreColor…

  • UltraGrid Cell TextHAlign is not working on Mouse Hover

    We are using UltraGrid, and on it we have applied some styling from .isl file. With that we have set TextHAlign="Left". But in the form we want to use TextHAlign="Center" for one column. We are achieving it by using below code in IntializeRow…

  • insert,update,delete possible in ultragrid(groupping)

    I am trying to insert,update delete in ultragrid(grouping) but I am not able to find any solution or any code or any official link for insert,update and delete in groupping.

    please help

  • UltraGridRowEditTemplate Child Bands

    I am building a system to track project quotes. I have an Ultragridview set up that shows the general info for the quote with a child band that shows the individual dollar amounts for each discipline. The child band is hidden. I would like to show all…

  • Fixed row headers and RowLayoutStyle.GroupLayout

    I understand that these are mutually exclusive.  My question is this:

    1) Is there a way to fake it?  To get the result of fixed row headers even though fixing columns isn't an option?

    or alternatively

    2) Is there a way to have two levels of groups without…

  • Best way to call ClickCell in code


    I have a windows application with an UltraGrid. I there is a Grid_ClickCell event that made some work.

    I got the task to enable that to use all the selected rows, so user select multiple rows and I need to run that code for all the selected rows…

  • AutoFitStyle property in UltraGrid


    In my application, the number of columns are not predefined it could only be a single column or even more the 20 columns at a time
    and I don't want any black spaces in my grid 

    However, I cannot set the property of DisplayLayout.AutoFitStyle to ResizeAllColumn…

  • New datasource columns not showing when running program

    I am using v2018.1 & VS2019   I have a wingrid tied to a dataset.  I add new columns to the dataset and they show in the designer.  But when I run the program they aren't visible.  The new columns hidden property is false.  What do I need to do to get…