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  • Rearranging columns in ultragrid, doesn't reflect in the datasource (Winforms, Infragistics)

    Lets say, I have NameColumn, IDColumn, DOBColumn in an ultragrid. Manually, I drag and drop the columns to different positions in ultragrid.

    DataTable dt = ultragrid.DataSource as DataTable;

    When I checked the datasource, column names is in the same…

  • filtering special characters in ultrawingrid


    my grid contains names with special characters like: è, é, ê, ë

    when i filter the grid looking for a certain word like: met, i expect the grid to filter the rows returning both: mètre and meter.

    but the grid considers e is…

  • Filter Option Name Reset to default


    the following issue was encountered when trying to translate the '(Blank)' filtering option:

    1. Open the attached solution and execute the project

    2. Select the ‘ThisIsBlanks’ option.

    3. Click on the filter cell of the ‘Item…

  • Update database using UltraGrid

    Hello team,

    I have a UltraGrid which is bound to a List of custom class as below.

    ultraGridExposureData.DataSource = expDataModelList;

    I have a Button called UpdateData on the form and when the user hits on this button…

  • Ultragrid assigned to object, how to fill the datasource

    Hi, I designed the grid with a object data source (entity framework), now I would like to know how do I fill the grid I was imagining something like in windows:

    MyDataSource=Employees.Where(x => x.Id== employeeId);


  • Change default option in Custom Filter


    Now in the Custom Filter the (DBNull) option is by default. Can I change this to be the (Blanks) option by default? 

  • CardView Set max amount of cards pr line

    I have a dataset with 12 columns (X1,X2,X3.......) and 8 rows (R1,R2,R3.......)

    I would like to organize the cardview in my datagrid to show 4 cards pr line, but I get all cards at the same line with a horisontal scrollbar.

           | Row1 (R1)  | Row2 (R2) |…

  • Add Row Filter in UltraDropDown embedded in UltraGrid

    Hello everybody,

    I have an Ultragrid that have 4 columns, the fisrt column is a UltraDropDown, it´s populated from my Database and show me lots of rows. I need to filter by Code, Description, etc (columns from my DropDown), because the user can't memorize…

  • Ultragrid Adding Grouping button in Same Data

    Need to create n numbers of button dynamically and each button must have different status .how can overcome this.

  • Dynamically load data grid

    I've got a data grid that I'd like to load dynamically.  I don't want to mange 2 grids so I have 2 buttons.  One loads the data from T1 and the other loads it from T2.  It works just fine for the 1st button, but not the 2nd one.  It changes the…

  • Ultragrid Level 3 band not Visible

    The ultragrid that I am working has three level bands in it and for some reason the Level 3 band is not visible.
    I am using ultraDataRow.GetChildRows(childBandName).SetCount(5) to create new rows on the grid.
    On click of a button column on a row(Level 2…

  • FilterRow Event Not Firing for Custom Filters

    I have two FilterConditions that I build and apply to the grid on the fly based on input from the user. I do this because I only want them to be able to filter on two columns (out of 6), and I'd rather not display the whole filter row for just two columns…

  • Cannot access selected value in cell in Gridview

    I have an Ultragrid that I am using a datatable as a datasource. For one of the columns, I set the style to DropDownValidate and set the editorControl of that cell to a ultracombo of which I set the datasource to a filtered datatable, which works fine…

  • inserting UltraGrid inside UltraCombo

    I have a requirement wherein when a dropdown or combobox drops down , it has a Gridview with filter feature.

    So I thought if we could add Ultragrid inside Ultracombo or something...

    Please suggest how to do that .

  • Ultra Grid Crash when dragging Cell into Group By Row


    I have an issue on an ultra grid on my application.

    The grid has a group by row setting as such:

    The cells that can be seen can be selected and multiple cells can be selected when the user drags across. When the user drags the cells and drags it…

  • UltraGrid displaying wingdings in Windows 10 after update 1803

    We have a legacy thick client product with windows forms initially designed using NetAdvantage 2004 Vol2 and NetAdvantage Ultimate 2011 Vol2. On later versions of Windows 10, the font in our results grid appears different from the MS Sans Serif we ar…

  • Ultra Grid Row Update

    Good Day

    I am having an issue with UltraGridRow.Update()

    In some circumstances it runs fast. (0.1 seconds) , in other circumstances is it running slows. (1 second)

    If I was able to know what processes are running behind .Update, I might be able to debug…

  • How to Export only Band[0] in multiband Grid?


    I am using an UltraGridExcelExporter component with a grid that has two bands.

    How can I only export the parent band?  (band[0])

    Many Thanks,

  • Based on some specific condition I am trying to disallow add new / delete in hierarchical grid's sub grid


    I am implementing a functionality using UltraWinGrid and not able to accomplish what I want.

    My Infragistics Version details are: Infragistics4, Version 14.1

    Here is the diagrammatic illustration what I actually want as below:

    ------------- …

  • UltraCalcManager formula validation

    Hello is there any way I can validate my formula before attaching it on a grids column?

    I want to prevent unhandled for CalcManager situations like "Integer + String" or "String + String" instead of using concatenation.

    I tried to…

  • UltraCalcManager use with custom data type columns


    I have some issues with UltraCalcManager.

    First of all is there any away to perform an numeric actions between strings?( +, -, etc.) ("aaa"+"bbb" = "aaabbb")

    Also I am trying to use the manager with an infragistics…

  • Read only grid, select single cell, right click to copy contents

    I am a new user of UltraGrid and I find all the configuration option a little overwhelming.

    I would like to create a read only grid. I would like the user to be able to select only a single cell at any time, and I would like to display a pop up menu to…

  • Show date or date time in one column


    I have a column of which the UnderlyingSystemType is Datetime. However, the data I feed into the column need to be displayed in two format. For instance: date only for 2011-08-19 00:00:00.000; Datetime for 2018-08-03 17:52:37.000

    Since my data is huge…

  • when does ultragridcell.value get updated?

    In an UltraGridRow, if you programmatically assign something to cell.text (i.e. MyRow.cells(0).text = "ABC"), when will the corresponding cell.value (MyRow.cells(0).value) get updated to have the "ABC" value?

  • UltraGrid Hirarchical View Parent / Child with No Child Rows [Optional]


    I am trying to display my data in Hierarchical UltraGridView with Parent & Child relationship. The problem is that it may be possible that some Parent Rows do not have Child Rows. Even though, I want to display parent rows with zero child rows.