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  • ultragrid title text font question

    I was trying to set the grid title text with bold font style with the following statements.  However, it turned out that the bold effect not only applied to the title but also to the row header and cell text.  Is there a way to apply the bold font style…

  • How do I call up a MessageBox if I don't select the ultragrid list?

    hi !

    How do I call up a MessageBox if I don't select the ultragrid list?

    this is my code.

    UltraGridState state = this.ultraGrid1.CurrentState;
    if (state != UltraGridState.Row )
    MessageBox.Show("not select !!!!");

  • Ultragrid title text font question

    how can we write formatted text in the caption of the ultragrid.

    example: TOTAL AMOUNT: 123456 (the number is in bold while the letters are regular) ??

  • Ultradrop search multiple columns

    I am using a ultradropdown in a ultragrid.  This is working as expected as it searches the display column.  New client requirement to search values in the display column and an additional column.  

    I gather this is not possible with the ultradropdown.  Is…

  • How To Apply Filter in multiple Pages.


    We are using the Ultra grid control in our product. We are displaying the Alarams in this Grid with Paging option.

    When we apply the colum filter in order to filter the rows in the grid, it is filtering and showing the results from the current page…

  • Load an Appointment from Datakey

    Hi all

    I'm woking with daycalendar and for each created appointment I save all information (included the DataKey) to the database

    I also list all appointments read from the DB into an UltraWinGrid and I would like to be able to load an appointment…

  • Maintain screen layout after grid refresh


    We are using Infragistics Version 10.3.20103.1000 Ultragrid on one of the forms in our project.  In the CellChange event there is a call to our custom LoadGrid method.  This method resets the datasource to the latest version of data retrieved from…

  • UltraGrid, can't set Forecolor of cell with UltraComboEditor

    Nothing in the code below changes the forecolor of the drop-downs.

    private void HighlightRow(UltraGridRow gridRow, Color color, GradientStyle gradientStyle)
                gridRow.Appearance.BackColor = color;

  • UltraWinGrid Scroll only works when double click on the selected row


    We have a third party C# UI application in which we embedded a UltraWinGrid screen. When we select a row in the UltraWinGrid and try to scroll up or down using the arrow keys or the mouse scroll its not working. However if we double click on the selected…

  • Scrolling UltraGrid Cell


    I have a ultragrid in SplitContainer.panel1 and some textbox in panel2 both panels are Horizontally split. When we type something in Panel2 textbox it is displayed on panel1 ultragrid cell in a new row. My problem is When we enter a large text, some…

  • Checkbox column not registering value with single click

    I have an ultragrid that displays rows of data which includes two columns: one for the current sales rep and another for the new sales rep. This ultragrid is populated with data from an sql database. In this ultragrid I have included a checkbox column…

  • I have an extra space before my columns, but I'm unable to remove the ExpansionIndicator Column.

    I used grid.DisplayLayout.Override.ExpansionIndicator = ShowExpansionIndicator.Never; but the expansionIndicator column itself doesn't go away. Is there any way to make it disappear completely instead of just removing the +/- indicators from it?

  • PerformAutoResizeColumns method and formatted text editor


    Generally speaking I use an UltraGrid control with few columns of style ColumnStyle.FormattedTextEditor
    ,an UltraDataSource as data source with integer values and implementation of IEditorDataFilter which defines conversion
    between integer values and…

  • HP UFT recognize object as winobject

    hi ,

    we are working with HP  UFT 12.01 

    and TestAutomation WinForms HP 20141 ( 2014 01)

    our application uses .net 4.0 

    (in version utility chose CLR 4)

    we tried also with Coded UI ( under visual studio 2012) but still same results

    using your samples under…

  • Drag and Drop from UltraWinGrid to UltraWinExplorer


    I have a list of items displayed on the UltraWinExplorerbar and when the user clicks on any of the list items records are displayed on a UltraWinGrid. Now can anybody tell me how to drag a row from the grid and drop into any of the list items on ultrawinexplorer…

  • Extend print preview

    I want to extend print previewing of the grid to allow the user to change settings without having to cancel the print preview and doing it again.
    (eg switch from colour to greyscale to monochrome, fit to pages etc)

    Ideally I want to add my own "Settings…

  • using UltraPrintPreviewControl without showing a PageSetupDialog

    If I don't show a PageSetupDialog before showing a form with an UltraPrintPreviewControl on; the UltraPrintPreviewControl comes up, but shows nothing.

    I presume I need to set the PrinterSettings in the UltraGridPrintDocument.
    This already is not null…

  • Different grid behavior for AllowAddNew.TemplateOnTop vs TemplateOnBottom

    I have an UltraWinGrid 12.1 that works perfectly when the add row is on top. I want to give the user the option to switch the add row to the bottom. However, when they do that the behavior of the grid changes like this:

    As soon as any key is entered into…

  • Ultragrid column chooser localsiation


    How can I customize ressource string "Columns" of ultragrid column chooser for french localisation.


  • Ultragrid column chooser localisation


    How can I customize ressource string "Columns" of ultragrid column chooser for french localisation.


  • Changing the Forecolor of UltraGridColumn with column style as Date not affecting the back slashes(mm/dd/yyyy) in the date text


    We used UltraGrid to display some dates with the cell background is white while editing the cell. while selecting the date the back slashes are appearing as white. So it is not visible. Tried changing the cell forecolor. But it is not affecting the…

  • received unhandled exception error in microsoft .net framework when playing back testscript....

    Hi, I have received an unhandled exception error a couple of times when playing back testscripts. It looks like it could be an error coming from the application itself, but in the error text there is numerous references to testadvantage. so I am a little…

  • Use QTP debugger, there are exceptions

    Hi, Use VS2005 ,set an isMdiContainer form.The above is a menu bar, tool bar, on the left there is a tree. Double-click a tree node, open another interface,access to data in the database. Another interface has a UltraGrid, some labers and some textboxes…

  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object


    I'm new to this so sorry if I ask a basic question.

    I'm using

    UFT version 12.52

    Infragistics Windows Form Test Automation for HP Unified Functional Test Software 2017.0

    I need to select a checkbox in the first column and first row of a UltraWinGrid…

  • Counting parent and child rows of SwfTable

    I would like to count how many child rows under each parent for a SwfTable. But it cannot recognise the child row under the parent row.