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  • How to remove expansion glyph on leaf nodes when lazy loading

    I've implemented lazy loading as suggested in one of your example apps for UltraTree.  It works fine, except the leaf nodes (nodes that have no children) have an expansion glyph beside them until you click on it.  Is there any way to remove those glyphs…

  • UltraTree with DataBind is duplicating data

    I have an UltraTree set up with DataBinding.

    The DataSet is one table, which is self-referencing for its heirarchy.  Each record has an "ID" field and a "ParentId" field.

    I've set up the DataSet like this:


  • Ultratree Databinding setting Tag

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to use databinding on an UltraTree control. 

    I have the datasource set up, and the data is showing up as expected in the tree.  However, the application I'm modifying makes extensive use of the Tag for each node; specifically, the…

  • Navigation Filter for UltraTree


    I created a CreationFilter for UltraTree that does the following:

    1. Makes the TreeNode Area wider and higher and moves it a bit left, so I would get a nicer looking selectable area:

    2. Adds a button to the top-Node of the Tree as a child control…

  • UltraTree Bounded Label Edit Validation event StayInEditMode does not retain the focus unless Cancel = true


    I have bounded list on UltraTree, which is using Standard View Style. I have some code in Edit Label validation event, Where I try cancel the event try to keep label in edit mode.

    I have this code in ValidateLabelEdit(object sender, ValidateLabelEditEvent…

  • Heirarchical Databinding an UltraWinTree using a UltraDataSource in OnDemand mode

    I'm trying to setup an UltraWinTree using the OnDemand functionality of the UltraDataSource as the datasource, such that I respond to "CellDataRequested" event to provide the tree with the applicable info on demand. In my case, I'm hitting a paged da…

  • Add button to every UltraTreeNode item


    I want to add button on everyUltraTreeNode item.

    I can achieve it on the top node using CreationFilter,
    because I can use UltraTree.CreationFilter.

    However there is no such property on UltraaTreeNode.

    Is there anyway to achieve this ?

  • Performance in UltraTree Outlook Mode

    I have an application which uses an UltraTree in Outlook mode which has worked well over the years however i am hitting some performance issues which I am trying to get to the bottom of.

    It Outlook mode it appears that I have to add node using the parentNode…

  • How to retrieve UltraTree resolved override appearances


    I am using a style library with the UltraTree control and I need to retrieve the resolved Override.NodeAppearance, Override.HotTrackingNodeAppearance, and the Override.SelectedNodeAppearance. How can I do this?

    Thank You,

  • Provide tip on how to fill UltraTreeNodeCell


    I'm trying to achieve a "How should I fill this cell?" in an UltraTreeNodeCell.

    My scenario is the following:
    I have an Ultra Tree in OutlookExpressStyle (multiple columns in a single column set).
    The first node in the tree is used as…

  • Master-Detail using UltraTree and Ultragrid


    I guess most of you will know how to handle a master-detail scenario using two ultragrids and a dataset with a relation. The relation makes it easy for the detail grid to find the details for the current master row.

    Now, imagine the master is not…

  • Edit Cell with Tree

    I'd like to click in a grid cell and be able to edit with a tree control.  

    I don't even know if that's possible.

  • how to resize child node columns width in an UltraTree

    I have two datatables that are linked using relation of a dataset. I have been able to resize the parent columns to handle the longest value.

    However I cannot get the child to auto expand to the longest child.

          For Each col In UT1.Nodes(0).Cells

  • What are the Practical Limitations for Self-Referencing UltraTrees ?

    I'm working with the UltraTree and we have a table with self-referencing data that forms a hierarchy.

    According to the following KB, one step in loading the data is that many "root-level nodes" need to be hidden (they are positioned/visible in the…

  • MyUltraTree.ResetNodes or MyUltraTree.Nodes.Clear? Memory piles up..

    Hello all,

    I have an unbound UltraTree (v16.1) which is populated using the code below. This works well. Yet, my RAM piles up each time i populate the tree. I guess that the GC is not firing. Which is the right way to "clean" alle nodes off the tree to…

  • UltraTree - Show all nodes' column headers while ViewStyle = OutlookExpress

    Hello Infragistics team.

    I am currently using the Infragistics WinForms library v.15.2.

    I have an UltraTree with three levels of nodes.  I need all three levels to display their column headers.  I also need to have the expand-to-fit behavior of ViewStyle…

  • UltraTree bound to 4 hierarchical DataTables. Unexpected column order

    UltraTree bound to 4 hierarhical DataTables with relationships.  All columns visible for clarity. I have not altered col.LayoutInfo.OriginX or anything else. 1st table has 6 columns.  Linked are images of typed DataSet and 2 ultraTree1.ViewStyles (default…

  • UltraTree bound to a typed DataSet but only 2 of the 3 tables (nodes) appear

    Outlook-style TreeView bound to a typed dataset with 3 hierarchical tables, and expecting 3 hierarchical nodes.  The first two are naturally hierarchical in the database, the dataset, and the TreeView with foreign key/relation constraint.  The second two…

  • ultratree, list of dataset


    I need to bind the ultratree with a list of datasets containing parent and child tables related with a DataRelation in the dataset. But in doing so, only the last dataset is drawn as a tree and the rests are just gone.

    Secondly, I tried iterating…

  • TreeNode with CustomControl or with UltraComboEditor

    I have a UltraTree with Nodes, where i want a UltraComboEditor beside. My Node now has a Checkbox, a Image and a Text. 

    Beside the Text should be a ComboEditor.

    You can see how the tree should look like in the next picture. 

    UltraTreeNode node = new UltraTreeNode…

  • How to add new Nodes to UltreTree through a BindingList as a DataSource

    For efficiency reasons I need to load some sub-nodes at BeforeExpand event but simply adding this new sub-data to the BindingList seems to don't work visually on the UltraTree(18.x), because the BindingList keeps the added data to the appropriate node…

  • ITreeNodeColumn Masking


    I have a request to display and accept negative numbers as numbers with parenthesis, for example, (450) represents -450

    Does InputMask property support parenthesis in mask?

    Please help ...

  • A problem about UltraCombo drop down a UltraTree

    Hello everyone,

    I use an UltraTextEditor with a right button of drop down to drop the UltraTree.But I met a problem where the dropdown panel was closed after  the UltraTextEditor get the focus,I can't execute filter and match the tree node just like the ultracombo…

  • ultratree horizontal

    I need to make a budget application on winform, and the user wants a horizontal tree navigation like a show in the image, Is there a control with that functionality ?

    Best Regards,

    Alejandro Castrejon

  • Text Wrapping and Word Bolding

    I'm trying to bold or highlight single words in a node or cell but have not found any functionality other than changing properties on a node or cell level, which bolds the entire node/cell which is not what I want.

    Also I have tried several different…