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  • How to use ClientSideEvents.XmlHTTPResponseHandler in webdatagrid same like ultrawebgrid

    I have changed ultrawebgrid to webdatagrid and changes most of the events apply in the webdatagrid.

    But XmlHTTPResponse client event not found in webdatagrid. I have javascript function for that 

    Please help me here, how to use above event after triggering…

  • Infragistics35.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.v11.1 data parse error


    We use this control: Infragistics35.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.v11.1, Version=11.1.20111.1006, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7dd5c3163f2cd0cb

    Sometimes, there is a bug when saving: 

    System.Exception: 169.60000610351562 is not a valid value for Int32. …

  • UltraWebGridExcelExporter dont Export HMTL

    Hi, when i Export my webdatagrid to Excel i got the following Output. Each Row has the following Output. How can i get only the Data?

    <span id="USC_x1_WG_Mitarbeiterliste_it0_0_TemplateLabel"></span>
    <span id="USC_x1_WG_Mitarbeiterliste_it1_0_TemplateLabel…

  • Export to PDF very slow

    I'm encountering a problem where the UltraWebGrid Export function is taking several minutes to respond.  I'm rendering the grid to a standard aspx page along with a "View as PDF" button.  Clicking this button triggers a postback which…

  • Ultra web grid paging at client side


    I want to use the paging feature of ultra web grid.But I don't find any client side paging.When I use paging on grid for each new page click it makes server event/ajax event.Which is very expensive in my application.Can you tell me do I have…

  • Unbound checkbox losing state after second postback


    We have found the following behavior with Web Grid, and want to confirm if the same is a bug.

    Created an Unbound column of CheckBox Type, and placed a 'Test Postback' on the page (outside the WebGrid).

    1. Check one or more Check Boxes

  • Checkbox column and checkbox in column header in ultrawebgrid


    I have created a templated column and a templated column header. Here is the code snippet:

        <igtbl:UltraGridBand key="ugb1">
          <igtbl:TemplatedColumn Key="check" Type="CheckBox…

  • Not able to find entire row data for the selected cell in webdatagrid 16.2 IG control

    Hi team,

    I am working on Infragistic control migration and replacing Ultrawebgrid to Webdatagrid. I am implementing context menu by using Contextmenu client event of the grid on grid initialization like: grdMain.ClientEvents.ContextMenu = "DisplayContextMenu…

  • In Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.v5.3, column are not getting updated in IE11.

    In Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.v5.3, AllowUpdate property of column and UpdateCell event of 

    UltraWebGrid not working in IE11.


    Is there a version of Infragistics2.WebUI.UltraWebGrid on which AllowUpdate property of column …

  • 'Infragistics' is undefined

    There was a old post with the same error; but, there was no resolution, I've upgraded to the latest release and still getting the error. Entries in web.config.

     <package id="AjaxControlToolkit" version="7.…
  • Ultrawebgrid not working on Windows 10 /IIS 10


    we bought a new subscription to upgrade our infragistics controls to the latest version. To our disappointment the upgrade is not at all painless as most of the controls we used in our projects are discontinued. Especially upgrading the…

  • Infragistics Ultrawebgrid & UlterGridBand

    Hi Inragistics Team,

    Early we are used Infragistics version 10.0 now upgrading version 2015 v1 Volume .

    early used two  Ultrawebgrid & UlterGridband => replace with which control same in version 2015 v1 volume .

    see below code :


  • DatePickerProvider don´t show calendar


    I discovered a problem that has left me very confused.

    Attached a sample, and how can you see, the calendar popup doesn´t shown.

    Now look for code in Site.Master file, specifically for that code:


    © <%= date="" now="" year="" tostring=…

  • Binding Dropdownlist source in Ultrawebgrid cell


    I have  ultrawebgrid in my page and i have to bind values to dropdown list through webservice call.

    Each cell in the column will have different values.

    Please help.. Kindly contact me in case of more details. thanks.



  • UltraWebGridExcelExporter - DownloadName support for Excel 2007


    I am currently using the Export method from the UltraWebGridExcelExporter class of the Infragistics35.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.ExcelExport.v11.1, Version=11.1.20111.2178 library to export an UltraWebGrid to Excel. This works as expected but I now wish…

  • Infragistic UltraWebGrid error in chrome throwing Input string was not in a correct format


    We are using Infragistic ultrawebgrid component to add and edit multiple values in grid cell.


    On chrome we are getting error as 

    [FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.]

  • UltraWebGridExcelExporter shows file is corrupt message in Windows 10


    We are using Infragistics35.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.ExcelExport.v10.3 version in our Project, Recently we started testing our application in Windows 10 which has Microsoft Excel 2013. When we click on Export to excel button in Win 10 it shows "The file…

  • WebDataGrid RowUpdating event not firing when grid loses focus

    I have a WebDataGrid that is populated from a database.  I also have a button and a dropdown on the page.  The dropdown controls what data is displayed in the WebDataGrid. The RowUpdating gets called when I update a value and click on another row or click…

  • WebDataGrid ==> Filtering : get the filter choice on server side


    Is it possible to know what a the filter choice selected by the user ?

    Library 2013.2 version

    webdataGrid with ExcelRowStyle set

    One column with the filter correctly set. I can see a list a data available to be checked or not.

    If I check…

  • Add a new row with external textbox values in ultrawebgrid


    I have a requirement, where if user clicks on the add row button (inside the ultrawebgrid), a new empty row is created , then they enter values in some textboxes, after that when they click on another row, the values from textboxes are entered into…

  • WebDataGrid Client side binding using PageMethods


    Can anyone let me know how to bind data to webdatagrid from clientside using PageMethods.


    Thanks in advance



    I have a ultrawebgrid, which is set as 

    ContractsGrid.Browser = BrowserLevel.Xml;
    ContractsGrid.DisplayLayout.LoadOnDemand = LoadOnDemand.Xml;

    for paging large number of rows.

    My requirement is that when user changes the values in a row,


  • Upgrade infragistics components (v8.2) of legacy ASP.Net application


    I am trying to reactivate a legacy ASP.NET applications that uses infragistics assemblies called: "Infragistics2.*.v8.2.dll" (so it seems to be version 8.2).

    The problem with that application is, that it does not work correctly with…

  • IE11 : UltraWebGrid v9.1 igtbl_getGridById() method is not working

    We are using UltraWebGrid v9.1 in one of the project and observed method igtbl_getGridById() return following error on IE11 browser:

    "The value of the property igtbl_getGridById is null or undefined, not a function object."

    The same code is…

  • Dynamically added columns header are not displayed in latest chrome and IE Edge


    I am using infragistics ultrawebgrid v2011.1 in my application. I am creating dynamic columns using class TemplatedColumn and binding ultrawebgrid. The column header contains checkbox. The grid is working fine in firefox however, when I check with…