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  • Hide WebDialogWindow close using JavaScript


    I have an issue with closing a WebDialogWindow using a JS code.

    so for showing the dialog, I'm using the following code:

    WebDialogWindow9.WindowState = Infragistics.Web.UI.LayoutControls.DialogWindowState.Normal

    the above code works…

  • Facing issue with FileUpload Control in WebDialogWindow in updatepanel


    I would appreciate it a lot if someone could please help me with this. 

    I have an updatepanel which has a button, which when clicked shows the web dialog window, and within that dialog window I have a file upload control and a button upload to save…

  • Refresh WebDataGrid

    I have these 2 functions that open a WebDialogWindow from a WebDataGrid.

    Client side
    function WebDataGrid1_DblClickHandler(sender, e) {            
          var grid = $find('<%= WebDataGrid1%>');
          var gridBehaviors = grid.get_behaviors();
          var row = gridBehaviors…

  • Webdatagrid click event in code behind

    hi , 

     i am trying to to open a webdialogwindow from a double click event from the webdatagrid cell but i need to do it from code behind instead of using the javascript :

    function WebDataGrid1_Grid_DoubleClick(sender, eventArgs) {
    var column = eventArgs…

  • webdatagrid column double click event

    hi , 

    i need to set a double click event to a column that open WebdialogWindow , how can i do it ?

    thank you.

  • webdatagrid filter translation menu to french


    I'm using  In fragistics v18.1 clr 4.5 WebDataGrid with Filtering behavior, and I need to translate the Filter's DropDown menu items, like (Equals, Greater than, Less than, Contains, Begins with, etc...) to french

    how can i do this?

  • ASP.NET Dialog Window examples


    Could someone provide the code for the Customizable Header example in the below page?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Working Sample????

    Do you have any working sample project using this dialog built using VB in VS2013 or VS2017?

    I have been working on this for a couple of days but when the is called in javascript nothing happens.

    This is true in IE and Chrome.

    Can you create…

  • How to clear content pane of a webdialogwindow using javascript

    Hi ,

    I am showing a web page in web dialog window. when I show web dialog window with show(); method using javascript, it is first displaying the previous content and then after 10 seconds the new page is being displayed, that is refreshed with present…

  • Need more advanced WebDialogWindow examples

    I would like to use the WebDialogWindow as a data input form. Perhaps with a text box, dropdown list, checkbox, radio buttons, etc. Then on submit, the data would be sent back to the page codebehind to be updated to a database table, preferably without…

  • Webdialogue window closes automatically.

    I am opening a popup window using webdialogwindow while clicking on html link (  <A href="#" onclick="BLOCKED SCRIPTopeninv();" id="lnkSearch" runat="server" style="color:Green;font-weight:bold;">Search</A>).…

  • Showing WebDialogWindow in Content Page from Master Page

    Hi everyone

    I've defined a WDW in master page with some content. I've intended to make this as a error or information message window. So I want to use it every content page. For example in one of my content page, I'm saving some fields with "Save" button…

  • WebDialogWindow


    I am having trouble getting my project to accept the WebDialogWindow. I have used this before and cant determine what is causing the problem.

    I added the following to my .aspx page which has a Master Page and causes the error WebDialogWindow…

  • Decrease z-index for WebDialogForm


    I have WebDialogForms on my page and asp UpdateProgress control that showing "Loading" picture when data is processing on the server. But WebDialogForm is always on top of it. I`ve tried to set maximum z-index to the UpdateProgress and…

  • WebDialogWindow ContentPane margin

    How do you remove the margin around the WebDialogWindow ContentPane?

    The image below shows a WebDialogWindow with no header and no resize.  Nice!  But there is a margin around the inner content area.  How do you eliminate that?

    This code does not work:

  • webdialogwindow

    I have a webdialogwindow with two textbox controls, Submit and Cancel buttons on it. User enters the required input and clicks OK to submit. I need to verify the input and display error messages. How that should be done?



  • Webdialogwindow and Yosemite

    Anyone know if the web dialog window is compatible with new Yosemite OS and Safari? We have a website that has them and for some of our users the web dialog is not displaying anymore. We are on Version 12.1 and I have thought about going to 14 but would…

  • Image button post back on webdialog close (x)


    I have a image button which displays infragistics webdialog and the dialog needs to post back up on clicking 'Ok'(ok button inside the dialog). This works fine. The dialog page also has cancel button which hides dialog page when clicked. This too…

  • Webdialog resets on postback


    There is Infragistics webdialog window in page used for popup. When the popup is closed, values are sent back to page and postback occurs. The issue is during postback which resets webdialog id and am unable to proceed further. Can you please let…

  • Not able to load the WebDialogWindow in IE 7,8,0

    Hi ,

    I am using an infragistics WebDialogWindow control.  I facing strange issues with respect to WebDialogWindow  control.  Its working  as expected on some machine while giving issue while loading on some client machines.

    Following are  the errors which…

  • Add image to forum page

    I am having an issue with WebDialogWindow where it is adding a white box to the bottom of the window.  I want to upload an image to show how it looks, but I cannot copy/paste the image, upload an image from a file, or even add an attachment.  How do I do…

  • WebDialog display issue

    I have a lot of WebDialogWindows in my webpage and several of them are giving me a weird display issue.  See the attached document for a screenshot and code for the window.  I colored the background red so that you can easily see what is causing the problem…

  • WebDialogWindow With out Postback

    Hi, how can i show a WebDialogWindow but the page don't make a Postback, like a show or hide this modal with out  a refresh.

    Thanks for any help.

  • WebDialogWindow - UseBodyAsParent Inside UpdatePanel

    I am aware that the UseBodyAsParent property does not work on a webdialogwindow inside an update panel. However, not using an updatepanel is not an option is this case yet I still need to at least emulate this behavior.

    The issue is that the WebDialog…

  • WebDialog window hiding behind pdf


     I am using ultrawebtab control to show pdf files.on button click  webdialogwindow appears as shown in image.but the webdialogwindow appears behind the pdf.I want webdialog window should come above pdf.I have also tried jquery dialog & modalpopextender…