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  • WebDialogWindow crashes UltraWebGrid


    My web application worked ok  for a several months. I used Net Advantage 20082.2121.

    After installing Sevice release 20082.2204 the most important page breaks.

    The trouble is. My form contains UltraWebGrid (Xml rendering) and  WebDialogWindow…

  • stop running script

    I am using 3.0 infragistics controls 2008 vol 2.
    When i have opened the WebDialogWindow and then click on asp button for any operation using updatepanel after this operation i have closed the window..

    but after this when i click on asp gridveiw…

  • StateChanged Event not Firing & Other Problems

    Hi all,

    I'm running into various problems with the WebDialogWindow and I'm hoping that someone here will be able to shed some light on my situation.

     In the AutoPostBackFlags, I've set WindowStateChange to "Async" with the expectation being that…

  • web dialog "Stop running this scritp"

    I am getting an error when I have a page that has the webdialogwindow on it:

     I've pinned it down the to fact that a web dialog control is on the page even though the actions taken to cause the error do not reference the control.

     I've attached…

  • Autopostback inside a WebDialogWindow


    I have a drop down list (with Autopostback="true", and having few other text fields) inside a Web Dialog Window. Depending on the value selected from this list, another control needs to be shown.

    It doesn't seem to work when I change the…

  • How to keep webdialog as modal after asynchronous postback



     I  use webdialog as a wizard. The wizard requires heavily server-side operation. Therefore, i need to do asynchronous postback. However, if i do so, the modality of the webdialog is lost. The background shadow disappears, the webdialog comes back its…

  • Overflow Hidden

    Using the AJAX control toolkit and Infragistics combined seems to be a good solution for me since I was already getting used to the AJAX Control Toolkit.  However, I'm having some issues with the webdialogwindow.

     I use an autocomplete extender and…

  • Re: How to keep webdialog as modal after asynchronous postback

    I am trying to do the same thing, using the WebDialog for wizard. Looking at the complexity of this, is Telerik RadWindow a better fit for this initiative?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


  • Error: Getting Started with the WebDialogWindow

    I was attempting to go through the tutorial on the WebDialogWindow and I have run into an error after I drag the control to my form:

    Indirect reference is being made to assembly System.Web.Extensions version, which contains 'Infragistics.Web.UI…