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  • Styles broken when WDW loaded programmatically on firefox


    Attached there is a sample page to test this behavior. 

    It consists of a button and an update panel, when the button is clicked a new webdialogwindow is added to the page but the styles of the side borders is wrong only the first time. If you close…

  • WDW not displaying in Firefox

    I have a webDialogWindow that appears correctly in IE7, but fails to display in Firefox.

    My application uses WDWs heavily in a settings page - and all these work fine in Firefox.

    One page in my application has an asp:Panel that I add one or more UserControls…

  • Firefox Problem for WebDialogWindow and WebImageButton



    I got a compatibility problem with Firefox. Working with IE is good. But when i use FF as browser and I am facing some border problems and height,width problems as well.

    First one I am getting a blue line under the WebImageButton in FF.

    Second one…