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  • Hide WebDialogWindow close using JavaScript


    I have an issue with closing a WebDialogWindow using a JS code.

    so for showing the dialog, I'm using the following code:

    WebDialogWindow9.WindowState = Infragistics.Web.UI.LayoutControls.DialogWindowState.Normal

    the above code works…

  • Can't set the ContentUrl (Client Side)

    Hi all

    I can't set the Content URL of a WebDialogWindow !

    Setting the Url in Design time works, but I need to change the Url during RunTime.

    I use this Function

            function spiderSelected(spiderJobID) {
                //  alert(spiderJobID);

                var dialog = $find…

  • WebDialogWindow - Set Modal or nonModal from client-side

    hi ;

    i am trying to set the size, position, and contentURL of a webmodaldialog from the client-side and i have successful set them. however, when i have the WebModalDialog set to Modal i get an error the first time i display the WebModalDialog. when the…

  • Re: WebDialogWindow Javascript Error

     Hey Kostas!

    Here is how I was able to set the CaptionText of a WebDialogWindow in a quick sample I just built.

    In the WebDialogWindow I first added a ClientEvent Initialize...

    <ClientEvents Initialize="Init" />

    Then I added the function Init…

  • Set header caption text...

    I am using the dialog window to show success or failure status'.

    I have the following code in BLOCKED SCRIPT

    var dialog = $find("ctl00_cphContent_wdwAlert");
    var header = dialog.get_header();

    I can get the reference to the dialog window…