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  • WebDialogWindow with Update Panel and File Upload


    I would appreciate it a lot if someone could please help me with this.  I have an updatepanel which has a button, which when clicked shows the web dialog window, within the dialog window I have a file upload and a button upload.  Apparently ajax does…

  • Styles broken when WDW loaded programmatically on firefox


    Attached there is a sample page to test this behavior. 

    It consists of a button and an update panel, when the button is clicked a new webdialogwindow is added to the page but the styles of the side borders is wrong only the first time. If you close…

  • web dialog "Stop running this scritp"

    I am getting an error when I have a page that has the webdialogwindow on it:

     I've pinned it down the to fact that a web dialog control is on the page even though the actions taken to cause the error do not reference the control.

     I've attached…

  • WDW Height in Safari

    Hello, I've bumped into a problem with unspecified height of a WebDialogWindow in Safari.

    I am trying to not specify a height so that if I change the contents of the window (in an update panel) it auto sizes to fit. This works in IE and FireFox …

  • WebDialgoWindow and WebUpload Issue

    Hi all,
    I have the latest release of Infragistics, v11.1.
    I’m trying to use the new feature of webupload, but I’m having some problems with that…
    The code is below:
    <asp:UpdatePanel ID="updPnl" runat="server">…
  • stop running script

    I am using 3.0 infragistics controls 2008 vol 2.
    When i have opened the WebDialogWindow and then click on asp button for any operation using updatepanel after this operation i have closed the window..

    but after this when i click on asp gridveiw…