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  • Problem with two or more WebDialogWindow on page


    I have a problem with multiple WebDialogWindow. I have a page with 9 UserControl and each of them have one or two WebDialogWindow. When the application run, I receive an error.

    This error appears when I have two or more WebDialogs on the page:

  • Open WeDialogWindow from dropdownlist

    How do get a webdialogwindow to open by selecting a specific item in an asp dropdownlist? Also, is it possible to do this without setting the dropdownlist to autopostback?

    Any help is much appreciated.


  • Re: WebDialgoWindow and WebUpload Issue

    Thanks for answering me.

    I tried that piece of code and I got a javascript error: the WebDialogWindow is null. So I tried this:




    showIt() {



    var dialogWindow = $find('<%= WebDialogWindow1.ClientID %>');