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  • Setting Focus To Control In WebDialogWindow

    I am opening a WebDialogWindow from CodeBehnind, how can I set the focus to a control within the dialog window.  Using control.SetFocus or SetFocus(control) are not working?

  • WebDialogWindow and asp:UpdatePanel

    I tried to use a WebDialogWindow inside a WARP and itdid not work.

    Looking in this forum, I saw that the WebDialogWindow is not compatible with the WARP and Infragistics suggests using the AJAX UpdatePanel instead.

    So, I swapped my WARP panel for an UpdatePanel…

  • Webdialog modality after postback

    Problem: After a postback, a webdialogwindow will no longer appear as modal if it's in an updatepanel.

    I've read numerous forum posts about this problem. A few posts suggest workarounds, but none of them seem to work for me. Other posts say that…

  • Re: Problem with WebDialogWindow position when moving and async postback enebled for Moved ClientEvent

    We dont see any hot fix that has resolved this issue.

    We have a problem with the WebDialogWindow, we placed the UltaGridView in the WebDialogWindow, every time the post back or partical post back happenes the UltraGrid will move out of the position,…

  • webdialog not showing

    I am opening an excel worksheet and looping thru the rows,

    based on values in certain cells, I would like the web dialog to display in a modal state, allow the app to gather information in the dialog, then save that information, make the dialog non modal…

  • How to keep webdialog as modal after asynchronous postback



     I  use webdialog as a wizard. The wizard requires heavily server-side operation. Therefore, i need to do asynchronous postback. However, if i do so, the modality of the webdialog is lost. The background shadow disappears, the webdialog comes back its…