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  • WebDialogWindow intermittently fails to show

    Happy Holidays team!

    I have a issue that has been very difficult to track.

    I have a asp page that contains a number of WebDialogWindow controls (like fourteen I think).  There are several standard asp buttons on the page that open these dialogs.  These…

  • Problem with two or more WebDialogWindow on page


    I have a problem with multiple WebDialogWindow. I have a page with 9 UserControl and each of them have one or two WebDialogWindow. When the application run, I receive an error.

    This error appears when I have two or more WebDialogs on the page:

  • WebDialogWindow and VS 2010 RC

    I'm running into a problem using NetAdvantage 2010 V1 and Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2010 that wasn't an issue in VS 2008. Assume a simple WDW created by dragging and dropping from the toolbox that ends up looking like this...