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  • More than one WebDialogWindow

    Hello there


    I have a webpage that can call two differents WebDialogWindow A and B.

    When i open the wdw A, everything is ok, the screen display the wdw at the right place.

    I close the wdwA and i open the wdw B. This wdw opens but i have to scroll…

  • WebDialogWindow closes when user presses Enter

    I have a WebDialogWindow with several controls.  It is on a page that is not the start page.  When a user types information into a control in the dialog window and then presses 'Enter' the dialog is closed and the user is returned to the start page…

  • WebDialogWindow cannot be centered in the browser IE7

    When opening a modal WebDialogWindow, it jumps to the bottom of the browser when the background contents don't fit completely inside the screen size.

  • Javascript error on set_windowState WebDialogWindow


    I've a content page within a WARP on master page. In the Content page the is a WebDialogWindow.

    When I open the dialog from js at first time it's all OK!!!

    But when I have to re-open the WebDialogWindow(by clicking on the button that call…

  • WebDialogWindow crashes UltraWebGrid


    My web application worked ok  for a several months. I used Net Advantage 20082.2121.

    After installing Sevice release 20082.2204 the most important page breaks.

    The trouble is. My form contains UltraWebGrid (Xml rendering) and  WebDialogWindow…

  • WebDialogWindow leaves text behind when moved in zoom mode.

    To recreate in ie 7 (didn't try other browsers)

    Open a WebDialogWindow that has text in it (header, button, paragraph,  etc).  Zoom display by  holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel.  Move the WebDialogWindow.

    Discoved this when giving…

  • Layout of content in WebDialogWindow not displayed properly


    In the content pane of the WebDialogWindow I am putting a user control which has nothing both a simple HTML table with 4 columns and 5 rows with no CSS applied to the table HTML element.

    When I launch the webdialogwindow - I see that the height…

  • Autopostback inside a WebDialogWindow


    I have a drop down list (with Autopostback="true", and having few other text fields) inside a Web Dialog Window. Depending on the value selected from this list, another control needs to be shown.

    It doesn't seem to work when I change the…

  • webdialog not showing

    I am opening an excel worksheet and looping thru the rows,

    based on values in certain cells, I would like the web dialog to display in a modal state, allow the app to gather information in the dialog, then save that information, make the dialog non modal…

  • Compilation Error

    Hi, thanks for help me , when i compile my page, i have this problem.


    Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source…

  • Re: WDW not displaying in Firefox

    I'm having the same issue with IE6 browser.  It works fine on IE8 but not IE6 with sounds like same behavior as FireFox for you.

    Did you get resolution to this?