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  • Custom args in windowStateChangingEvt of WebDialogWindow.

    I am new to Infragistics ASP.NET controls and try to learn as much as possible.

    I am stuck with WebDialogWindow control. I am using WebHierarchicalDataGrid and on each cell I am opening Web Dialog window in WHDG_CellSelectionChanged function using overrideWindow…

  • WebDialogWindow javascript "hide()" not working

    We just upgraded to NetAdvantage 2009 Vol 1 and now none of our WebDialogWindow's are closing when we call hide() from the client.  Is there something else we need to do?

  • Re: WebDialgoWindow and WebUpload Issue

    Thanks for answering me.

    I tried that piece of code and I got a javascript error: the WebDialogWindow is null. So I tried this:




    showIt() {



    var dialogWindow = $find('<%= WebDialogWindow1.ClientID %>');