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  • Custom args in windowStateChangingEvt of WebDialogWindow.

    I am new to Infragistics ASP.NET controls and try to learn as much as possible.

    I am stuck with WebDialogWindow control. I am using WebHierarchicalDataGrid and on each cell I am opening Web Dialog window in WHDG_CellSelectionChanged function using overrideWindow…

  • nested WebDialogWindow

    I'm having to display 2 modal dialog windows using WebDialogWindow control. For example, I have a main page which displays modal dialog 1. Then, from modal dialog 1, I need to display modal dialog 2. WebDialogWindow is on both main page (to display modal…

  • WebDialogWindow - Set Modal or nonModal from client-side

    hi ;

    i am trying to set the size, position, and contentURL of a webmodaldialog from the client-side and i have successful set them. however, when i have the WebModalDialog set to Modal i get an error the first time i display the WebModalDialog. when the…

  • Re: How to keep webdialog as modal after asynchronous postback

    I am trying to do the same thing, using the WebDialog for wizard. Looking at the complexity of this, is Telerik RadWindow a better fit for this initiative?

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


  • Re: Problem with WebDialogWindow position when moving and async postback enebled for Moved ClientEvent

    We dont see any hot fix that has resolved this issue.

    We have a problem with the WebDialogWindow, we placed the UltaGridView in the WebDialogWindow, every time the post back or partical post back happenes the UltraGrid will move out of the position,…