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  • Re: WebDialogWindow Javascript Error

     Hey Kostas!

    Here is how I was able to set the CaptionText of a WebDialogWindow in a quick sample I just built.

    In the WebDialogWindow I first added a ClientEvent Initialize...

    <ClientEvents Initialize="Init" />

    Then I added the function Init…

  • Autopostback inside a WebDialogWindow


    I have a drop down list (with Autopostback="true", and having few other text fields) inside a Web Dialog Window. Depending on the value selected from this list, another control needs to be shown.

    It doesn't seem to work when I change the…

  • $find fails in function called from page onload

    I need to show/hide a dialog window on page load based on a cookie value.  The $find function fails with 'null' is null or not an object.

    Anyone done this?  It seems like it should be pretty common.

    Update after reviewing the forum:  WebDialogWindow…

  • A "global" WebDialogWindow on a MasterPage

    Greetings.  I'm in the process of re-writing a legacy Classic ASP application in ASP.NET and am making heavy use of the Infragistics controls set (they are cool).

    I'm using a classic design methodology employing a single Master page for a common site…