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  • Custom args in windowStateChangingEvt of WebDialogWindow.

    I am new to Infragistics ASP.NET controls and try to learn as much as possible.

    I am stuck with WebDialogWindow control. I am using WebHierarchicalDataGrid and on each cell I am opening Web Dialog window in WHDG_CellSelectionChanged function using overrideWindow…

  • Can't set the ContentUrl (Client Side)

    Hi all

    I can't set the Content URL of a WebDialogWindow !

    Setting the Url in Design time works, but I need to change the Url during RunTime.

    I use this Function

            function spiderSelected(spiderJobID) {
                //  alert(spiderJobID);

                var dialog = $find…

  • runtime changing message of WebDialogWindow


    How can I change a message of a WebDialogWindow ?

    Initially I set window state as hidden

                WebDialogWindow1.WindowState = Infragistics.Web.UI.LayoutControls.DialogWindowState.Hidden ;

    and while showing dialog box I set window state as norma…

  • Setting ContentURL in Javascript Bug (v9.1)

    OK, I've read all the posts and proposed solutions without finding a working answer, and many of the examples are from v8.3.

    Is there a solid workaround/fix to the issue where setting the ContentURL of a WDW in javascript does not show the contenturl…

  • Set ContentUrl in client side

    Hi,dwMaintainance is a Web dailog window.

    in client side

    var dw = window.$find(dwMaintainance');How to set dw.ContentPane.ContentUrl with Query string in client side.ThanksChandra Bhanu


  • Closing WebDialogWindow by ContentPage's Close button


    I am displaying a popup window by setting ContentPane.ContentUrl property of WebDialogWindow to an .aspx page (let's say Sample.aspx). I have a close button on Sample.aspx page. I want to close the WebDialogWindow on Sample.aspx btnClose_Click()…

  • How to set a webpage to open in a dialog window?


     I´m starting to use the new WebDialogWindow control in infragistics 8.1 version, but i´m dont know how to open a webpage inside a dialog window. 

    I´m trying to write an iframe for after to open a webpage, it´s correct? It´s possible to open a webpage…

  • nested WebDialogWindow

    I'm having to display 2 modal dialog windows using WebDialogWindow control. For example, I have a main page which displays modal dialog 1. Then, from modal dialog 1, I need to display modal dialog 2. WebDialogWindow is on both main page (to display modal…