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  • Custom args in windowStateChangingEvt of WebDialogWindow.

    I am new to Infragistics ASP.NET controls and try to learn as much as possible.

    I am stuck with WebDialogWindow control. I am using WebHierarchicalDataGrid and on each cell I am opening Web Dialog window in WHDG_CellSelectionChanged function using overrideWindow…

  • Validation Summary in a webDialog?

    Hi Guys, how can I popup the webDialog when the page is Not Valid

    I have this....

    <ig:WebDialogWindow ID="summaryDialog" runat="server" Height="300px"

  • stop running script

    I am using 3.0 infragistics controls 2008 vol 2.
    When i have opened the WebDialogWindow and then click on asp button for any operation using updatepanel after this operation i have closed the window..

    but after this when i click on asp gridveiw…

  • A "global" WebDialogWindow on a MasterPage

    Greetings.  I'm in the process of re-writing a legacy Classic ASP application in ASP.NET and am making heavy use of the Infragistics controls set (they are cool).

    I'm using a classic design methodology employing a single Master page for a common site…