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  • Setting Focus To Control In WebDialogWindow

    I am opening a WebDialogWindow from CodeBehnind, how can I set the focus to a control within the dialog window.  Using control.SetFocus or SetFocus(control) are not working?

  • Issue on NavigationUrl or ContentUrl problem in Webdialog/WebdatMenu on navigating page within a folder.

    Hi we are  stack up in this problem of ContentUrl  or NavigateUrl on WebDatamenu/ConentUrl on WebDialog. 

    This two works Ok with Pages that is on Root but it always not working if the pages comes from a folder.


    this is my webApp PAges Structure sample…

  • How to hide webDialog on Code Behind

    I have a detail and create page.

    On my Detail Page i call my create page by using javascript and dispaly it to webdialog.

    <script type="text/javascript">


        function showDialog() {

            var dialogcf = $find("<%=webDial…