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  • Use web dialog window to update a record


    I want to update record in my webdatagrid using webdialogwindow with textboxes in it can you please suggest me how can i do it. Post that you have posted earlier is good but can you please suggest me some other way i can do it .I am attaching my…

  • WebDialogWindow: Tabbing between controls crashes IE11

    Ok, when IE11 is run out of compatibility mode I have a WebDialogWindow that causes it to crash when tabbing between controls contained within it. In compatibility mode this is not an issue.

    We are currently on v10.3 moving towards the upgrade to the…

  • Display WebDialogWindow from Click of a link in WebDataGrid

    I have a Webdatagrid and would like to display details in a WebDialogWindow if the user clicks on a hyperlink in one of the cells.

    ID     File_Name
    ---    --------------
    1      abc
    2      def
    3      ghi

    If the user clicks on the hyperlink "1…

  • WebDialogWindow : Download report + hide at the same time

    I've done this sample :

    It works great and as I wanted...

    My question is simple:

    I have a WebDialogWindow with a button "Report" to create the…

  • ASP.NET form will not load after adding webdialogwindow

    I have an web application that already uses the webhierarchicalgrid successfully.

    I want to add a webdialogwindow to display error messages to the user on various exception events. So I decided to add the webdialogwindow to my master page (I…

  • Add web schedular into webdailogwindow


    I want to add web schedular within webdailogwindow from code, can please suggest how can we achieve this,


  • Space between Header and body of webdialogwindow

    I'm seeing a bit of space between the header and body of the webdialogwindow in IE8 and IE9.  IE10 is fine.


  • URGENT. Help require for WebUpload control in WedDialogWindow inside an UpdatePanel.


    I am currently using Infragistics35 2012 v12.1 with VS2008.

    Can anyone provide a simple sample solution for a WebUpload infragsitic control inside a WebDialogWindow?? The WebUpload samples on the infragistics web is simply difficult to utilize…

  • WebDataGrid is not binding in WebDIalogWindow

    I have a webdatagrid in my page. I have added a context menu to it using WebDataMenu control. So when one of the options in context menu is selected, I want to show the details in WebDialogWindow using a WebDataGrid. In other words, I want to bind the…

  • how to build a dynamic webdialogWindow



    i'm a beginner with asp net and infragistic and i want to build a server control.

    this server control is a sample page who contains a datagrid and a button

    when i click on the button i must to display the webDialogWindow


    until now the…

  • WebdialogWindow broken style in vs2012 default website template

    Plase see the attached image here's the markup

    <%@ Page Title="" Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/Site.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Unit.aspx.vb" Inherits="app_Unit" %>…

  • WebDialogWindows Styles not working!?

    Hi *all,

    i've created a WebForms App with VS2012 Template and add a wdw. So far so good, but whatever i do the caption looks terribly.
    With or without Styling i doesn't matter. Is there something special to do?

    <asp:Content runat="server" ID…

  • ERROR changing Header CaptionText on WebDialogWindow


    I want to change the CaptionText of Header on WebDialogWindow, from client-side in a function BLOCKED SCRIPT

    function GridViewData_Grid_AJAXResponse(sender, eventArgs) {
    //some code ...

    var dialog = $find("WebDialogWindowMensaje…

  • Refresh webdataGrid on simple custom edit of row fields in a WebDialogWindow

    I'm using a WebDialogWindow to display the fields of a selected row on a grid for edit.  Once I click the update button in the WebDialogWindow I have server-side code that updates the database, but the grid is not reflecting the updates.  I know it…

  • Invalid Argument when using MaintainLocationOnScroll = true on webdialogWindow

    When i close the webdialogWindow, i get a javascript error in the ScriptResource.axd file.

     occurs on the _modal:function( on) event.

    Error: line 1946, div.removeChild(lid);  htmlfile: invalid argument

    This only happens in IE7.  Works fine in IE8, 9 and…

  • WebDialogWindow, TabIndex, and IE9

    So I have a pretty basic WebDialogWindow that I'm showing in Modal mode, which contains an HTML table which in turn has some asp:Label and asp:Textbox controls; and below that there are OK and Cancel asp:Buttons.

    The asp:TextBox controls have their…

  • WebDialogWindow & Modal=True Scrolling Issue

    I am using the WebDialogWindow with Modal=True.  When the Modal pops up, even though it is much smaller than the total screen area, it adds about a full screen's worth of blank space to the bottom of the website and causes the page to be able to scroll…

  • Jquery with Ajax

    I am using Jquery code,   txt.css("background", "red"); which I expect to color my WebNumericEditor  in red.

    I put the DialogWindow in an Update panel, triggered by a button.

    I press the button to show the dialog window.

     The window…

  • Remove top blue line

    Is it possible to remove the top blue line, of the Dialog window?

    (Which contains the maximise, close, hide buttons)

  • Bug with the two or more WebDialogs on a single page


    I run into the problems after I've made update of the Infragistics components to the latest version.

    If I have two or more WebDialogs on the page, I have such bug:

    Invalid JSON primitive: ,[[[[[null,"Edit",null,null]],[[[[[]],[],[]],[{}…

  • WebDialogWindow and 508 Issue

    I'm having an issue with 508 (AccVerify) and WebDialogWindows (WDW). Every WDW fails 508 validate with an IFRAME elements are required to contain element content.

    508 Standards, Section 1194.22 Yes No Other
    A. 508 Standards, Section 1194.22, (a)…

  • 508 issues with WebDialogWindow

    I am using WebDialogWindow (10.3) on an ASP.NET 4.0 app. When running through AccVerify I am getting two 508 issues that I cannot seem to 'fix'. They are:

     494: <LI id=x:55148282.65:mkr:False_item:val:2 class=igg_RubberBlackFilterRuleDropDownItem…

  • Settihg height programmatically

    What is the Visual Basic code to set the height of a webdialogwindow? Thank you.

  • Web dialog window borders

    Why does the dialog window has this ugly borders?

    %@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind=" WebForm1.aspx.cs " Inherits="WebApplication22.WebForm1" %>

    <%@ Register assembly
  • dynamic events


    I'm using a WebDialogWindow on which I create a lot of buttons dynamically (with their click event handler).

    The problem is, that the click events doesn't fire.

    Any ideas?