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  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid - Access data source - webhierarchicaldatasource and SqlDataSource


    I use version 17.2.

    I have a misunderstanding about the use of the webhierarchicaldatasource of the webhierarchicaldatagrid.
    I use it with 2 SqlDataSource with parameters. (parent and child).

    I have the property InitialDataBindDepth="-1", so i'm…

  • Filter is not working on WebHierarchicalDataGrid


    We are using Infragistics4.Web.v14.1 and implemented the WebHierarchicalDataGrid in our project.When we filter on large amount of data, "Async request failed" error occured.So we tried a free trail of infragistics new version 18.1.20181.23.Then also…

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource with Parent and Child SQL stored procedures

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataSource set up and the parent and child datasources use stored procedures. Within the Smart Tag screens I am able to tie the two together with the "Claim_ID" field and my stored procedure for the child datasource includes a "Claim_ID…

  • Get Value from selected Child Row

    i have Setup a WHDG when i select a parent row it will me Show the child rows. but i am not able to select child rows and get values of the cells. yould you help me?
    i use V15 Vol2 withe VB.NET
    with regards Martin

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource and ObjectDataSource based on Stored Procedure

    I am trying to do a very simple master detail with stored procedures, but it refuses to work:

    I debugged it and the customerid and month parameters from the master line are not passed to the detail stored procedure.

    What am I doing wrong?



  • Chat Option not enabled for our Infragistic queries

    Hi Team,

    We are using licensed version of Infragsitic 2015 control for WebHierarchicalDataGrid to display 4 level hierarchical data.

    As part our migration to this new version from old UltraWebgrid, we are posting our queries through this forum.


  • Follow up WebHierarchicalDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataSource question

    Hi Nikifor,

    I am not sure if you received my last post and decided to start another thread.

    I finally had time after some health problems to review the application sample you kindly provided. However, my question was a bit more complex.

    In the Northwind database…

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource with the Entity Framework 4.0


    Can I use the WebHierarchicalDataGrid and WebHierarchicalDataSource with the Entity Framework 4.0?

    Do you have any demos or sample code?



  • WebDataGrid

    HI Guys,

        I am using the webdatagrid version 2011.2,  We use the entityframework as our datalayer and I am having issues with the paging.

    I use an entityDataSource control on the page to access the framework.  It appears that the webdatagrid doesnt support…

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


    I receive this error after dragging the WebHierarchicalDataSource on to a web form.  I get this error even if the WHDS has no views added to it. 

    Any thoughts what may be wrong? 

    I've attached a small project with three pages.  One uses 2…

  • Programatically reset relations in WebHierarchicalDataSource

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataSource created and set relations visually on aspx page.

    I need to filter the undelying dat ato display in the Ultrawebtree. I can change the SqlDataSource.SelectCommand for both data sources (just two levels in the tree) and…

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource vs. UltraWebTree


    I trying to represent hierarchical data that needs to be grouped in many different ways: Products by Author, by Series, by work, etc. The choice would be made at runtime. It looks like WebHierarchicalDataSource or UltraWebTree will do the trick…

  • Does the WHDS allows for design-time support for multiple bands in the webgrid?


    If I bound the Webgrid to a WHDS that has two hierarchical views, will I have design time support for both bands as it were a wingrid bound to a dataset? What I mean if both bands in the webgrid will automatically populate at design-time.


  • Self Referenceing WHDS with Dataset tied into the Ajax WebDataTree

    Well after a few hours I'm getting fustrated. It seemed easy with the older webtree.

    Simply I would like to do the following using WHDS, a DataSet, and a WebDataTree in CODE BEHIND.

    DataTree should look like the following:



     - Japa…

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource with self-referencing data

    I am having a problem getting my self-referencing datasource set up.  I think it has something to do with the actual data that is coming back and what the WHDS is expecting.  Here's my situation: we have a middle tier solution setup that returns type Collection…

  • Trying to create with DataSet in code

    I am trying to create this grid using a DataSet with parent and child tables and cannot. The DataSet is created on the server side and i bind it to he HeirarchicatDataGrid. Nothing happens. Can someone give a simple example????



  • WebHierarchicalDataSource

      I am trying to configure the whds using 3 objectdatasources.  They need to relate to each other so that one datasource is a parent and the other two are child datasources. I understand as I create the datasources my 'select' statement returns a dataset…

  • Insert UltraWebGrid + WebHierarchicalDataSource + sqldatasource

    database configuration:

    Activity: (parent)

    ActivityID (Primary Key)

    EstimateItem:  (child)

    EstimateItemID (Primary Key)

    ActivityID (Foreign Key)

    What is required in the UltraWebGrid or SqlDataSource settings to insert a child record and pull the parent…

  • Nothing showing up

    Can anyone see what i am doing wrong I cannot get the tree to populate with anything out of the table.


    <%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="selfreferencingdata.aspx.vb" Inherits="selfreferencingdata" %>…

  • NetAdvantage Select 2009 - version 1 possible purchase - WebHierarchical Data Source Control

    Will the 2009 WebHierarchical Data Source Control support subtotals at each of the child levels if there are multiple child levels?

  • Webgrid not populating bands from a WHDS bound to two ODS

    (Using v8.2)
    I have bound a webgrid to a WHDS and the band information is not populated, I would have expected two hierarchical bands.
    Step to reproduce:
    1) Create a typed DataSet with two DataTables having a TableAdapter each, both having…
  • WHDS not in my toolbox


    i´m using NetAdvantage for .NET 2008 Vol. 2 CLR 2.0 (Version 8.2?!) with Vista and VS 2008.

    I cannot see the WHDS in my toolbox.

    What can i do to see the WHDS in my toolbox?

  • performance impact using WebHierarchicalDataSource

    Hello ,

    It there any performance difference between using WebHierarchicalDataSource and hardcoding the relation, the updates,delete, select in the code bind.
    It is for a hierarchical webgrid.


  • WHDS and WebGrid InitializeLayout Event (8.2)

    When I bind an UltraWebGrid to a WHDS, the InitializeLayout event of the WebGrid does not fire. If I change the DataSourceID to either of the ObjectDataSources referenced in the WHDS, the event fires as expected, however when I switch the DataSouceID…

  • My VS2008 Hangs when trying to bind a WebGrid to a WHDS bound to two SQL Data Sources


    I tried the following experiment and my VS2008 hanged. I placed two SQL Data Sources on my page and then placed a WHDS. The WHDS has two hierarchical views, each view corresponds to one of the SQL Data Sources. Then I placed a WebGrid with the…