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  • Re: Webgrid not populating bands from a WHDS bound to two ODS -- Test Project

    I have the same issue with 8.3. This is really an important and clear question -

    Is there a way to get design-time support for hierarchical data in WebGrid, using CLF 2.0?


  • Where is my WHDS?

    We have IG .NET Advantage 8 Vol 1 for CLR 2.0. The WHDS does not seem to be in my toolbox. Nor can I find it in a referenced assembly to just add it to the page from the code behind.

    Is the WHDS in Vol 1?  If so, how can I add this to my toolbox?


  • Re: WebHierarchicalDataSource binding problems.

    Hi, I have read all previous posts and i think i face the same issue with WebHierarchicalDataSource.

    I have a self referencing data table in SqlServer 2005. I placed an SqlDataSource, a HierarchicalDataSource and an UltraWebMenu in an empty page. Everything…