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  • Self Referenceing WHDS with Dataset tied into the Ajax WebDataTree

    Well after a few hours I'm getting fustrated. It seemed easy with the older webtree.

    Simply I would like to do the following using WHDS, a DataSet, and a WebDataTree in CODE BEHIND.

    DataTree should look like the following:



     - Japa…

  • How would I use a composite primary key for ParentColumns?

    How would I use a composite primary key for  ParentColumns?

  • Re: WebHierarchicalDataSource binding problems.

    Hi, I have read all previous posts and i think i face the same issue with WebHierarchicalDataSource.

    I have a self referencing data table in SqlServer 2005. I placed an SqlDataSource, a HierarchicalDataSource and an UltraWebMenu in an empty page. Everything…

  • Including Self-referencing table as a "child" in WebHeirarchicalDataSource

    When I try to set-up a self-referencing table as a "child" of another table using the WebHeirarchicalDataSource Designer (for later use in a WebDataTree), the result is the correct heirarchical data structure ... plus all the nodes listed again…

  • WebHierarchicalDataSource binding problems.

    I am having the problems while binding the UltraWebGrid with  WebHierarchicalDataSource. I have two ObjectDataSource returns list object. I am not able to bind. I am geting the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." error.