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  • The data does not correspond to valid JSON.

    Hi all,

    after a couple of days of looking for a solution to my problem, I hope you'll be able to help me.

    I am getting the "Cannot deserialize" error when attempting to add a new row in my child band.

    Here is my aspx:



  • Problem with WebHierarchicalDataGrid in combination with EDM

    Good day,

    I am trying to get the WebHierarchicalDataGrid working in combination with EDM. In EDM i created an entity called Employees with a primary key on employeeID and an association to itself from ReportsTo to EmployeeID.

    In what way can i make…

  • WebHierarchicalDataGrid gives a NullReferenceException


    I use an WebHierarchicalDataGrid with a WebHierarchicalDataSource and 3 ObjectDataSources (3 levels of data). I get the following error most of the time. I am using an evalation version.

    Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any workarround…