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  • WebProgressBar In WebHierarchialDataGrid Throws Client Side errors in Dynamic Script.


    I'm using CLR45 Version 2019.1.

    I have a WebHierarchicalDataGrid with WebProgressBar template field in a child row of the grid. Each time I expand a row the progress bar sometimes does not render.. When checking the browser's console log,…

  • Progressbar color

    I want to use a webprogressbar as a template field in a webdatagrid, and part of the template is to style the color of the progress bar according to the data within that record.  I can see how to use a page style to change it for every record, is it possible…

  • Web Progress Bar

    Is there a way to utilize web progress bar to show progress on the page being waiting for the server response ( waiting for full postback completed, not the AJAX enable one). If you can direct me to sample it would be great. Thanks.

  • Is there a way to update the progress bar from a server-side process?

    I have a loop that is executed in C# on the server that can take a minute or two to execute.

    I would like to provide a progress bar that shows the progress through the loop.

    So, with each record processed (or some predefined number of records) I'd like…

  • Problem with WebProgressBar inside a WebDialogWindow


    I have a WebProgressBar with a value of 0 inside a WebDialogWindow with WindowState="Hidden" by default. When I want to show the WebDialogWindow, with set_windowState, the WebProgressBar appears with a value of 100 and immediately falls to a value…

  • i am unable to show the progress bar in my


    i am very new for the infragistric netAdvantage controls , what my requirement is when i click on Button it's download images from database during this process i want to show the progreess bar to the user like how much percent it is complete for that…

  • Needed help in using webprogress bar

          I am Lokesh Singadi, trying to upload a template to the webserver using web forms and i need to show the webprogress bar showing the status of the uploading but i am unable to code it.
    Please help me to sort out this.
    Thanks in Advance.

  • Webprogressbar not working in IE7 When security level is set to "High"


     The new control Webprogressbar and also some other controls not working in IE7 when security setting level is "High" in "Internet/Local Intranet" settings in secutiry Tab. It does not show progress and also always visible eventhough we hide using…

  • How can you use the WebProgressBar as an AJAX Indicator?

    How can you use the WebProgressBar as an AJAX Indicator?
  • How to use WebProgress Bar in CRUD operations

    Hi am new in Infragistics and now, i need to show webprogressbar whenever the user clicks CRUD events in my page and it will automatically close after transaction successful .

    Can you gave an example?

  • webprogress bar style ???? How?

    I am once again stuck in Infragistics limbo wasting time with something that should be more intuitive.

    Only 2 of the StyleSets work. I would prefer to set the Progress color  and backcolor and textcolor manually. However I cannot. It just seems to be…

  • Webprogressbar - javascript set value


      Can you set the value of the webprogressbar using javascript?




  • Example of WebProgressbar as busy indicator

    I see the WebProgressBar (i think that is what it is) being used throughout this site as a busy indicator - just an animated progressbar onscreen between postbacks.

    How is that done? The only example I've been able to find ties the progressbar to actual…

  • WebProgressbar Style Images

    I'd like to use the Windows7 style on my WebProgressBar.  When I look in the ig_res folder within my project I see folders only for Default and ElectricBlue.  In looking at the Infragistics install folder I don't see any images for Windows7.  The…

  • How to use the WebProgressBar on a ASP.NET page programmatically

    How can the WebProgressBar be used to display a progressive value of an index?

    I have tried setting the wpb value inside an index loop but the ASP page never updates. The wpb control resides on an Ajax UpdatePanel.

    Any suggestions?


  • web progress bar - how to update fill color


    I am working with the Web progress bar control on 2010 Vol. 3. I want to change the appearance from the current color (some shade of blue) to the classic fluorescent green with steps...(windows 95 style) Is there a way to achieve this in code …

  • Re: How to use the WebProgressBar on a ASP.NET page programmatically


        I have a long process with multiple stages at hand, and I want to set the value of WebProgressBar after each stage and refresh the control automatically. To simulate the situation, I change code in as follows:

        protected void UpdProg_Click…

  • More 2009.1 Videos: WebDropDown and WebProgressBar

    As promised in my last post, I have some new videos for you demonstrating some of the new controls and features of our latest web client release: