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  • WebSlider inside WebDataGrid

    What is the best way to have a web slider within WebDataGrid that can cause an event to recalculate a value in another column?

  • Customizing Value Label for WebSlider


    Is it possible to customize value label for webslider. Basically I want to show "12+" in the ValueLabel when user select the last value on the slider. I have tried the default functionality but it shows the current value which is the integer value…

  • WebSlider Tick label text


    Help me please in knowing how we can text  wrap the slider tick label text.



    Manish Kumar








  • ASP WebSlider with 3 Thumbs

    I would like to inquire whether or not infragistics has a webslider control that can hold three thumbs instead of just the two.

    I've seen examples of this in Silverlight and NetAdvantage for WindowsMobile(See Attached), but have yet to find a way to…

  • How do I change the tooltip of the Value Indicator (the slide on the slider)

    When I slide it around, the tooltip says "Value Indicator".  I'd like to just remove that tooltip since I have the ValueLabel showing the actual value.  "Value Indicator" as a tooltip has no value to the user (no pun intended), especially since…

  • WebSlider v10.2: Are Date Sliders Possible?

    I have read a few postings here regarding issues with the WebSlider and Dates. Upon trying to use some of the code given, I am unable to access the same values and/or methods given. Are Date Sliders possible with v10.2?



  • WebSlider tooltip

    the tooltip is only show when mouse over other place.

    I have set ToolTip="my tip",but when I move mouse to button of slider ,the tip is never change.

    I only want tooptip to show the number accroding to it's value 

  • WebSlider ClientSide Edit Min/Max

    Hi,  Is there a way to change the Min/max value of a webSlider in Javascript without doing a postback similar to setting its value as follows:

    var slider = $find("webSlider");


    if (slider)    slider.set_value(iIndex[eventIndex]);

    Thanks for any…

  • WebSlider - How to set value of slider client-side using java script?

    I'm displaying a WebSlider on my page, but I don't know how to programmatically set the value of the slider.  For example, I have a list of selectable values, and I display the slider to the right.  When one of the selectable values is chosen by…

  • Incorrect DateTime-Value-Tooltips in certain circumstances


    I'm using WebSlider (11.1 NET.40) to select dates in the past.

    Code snippet:

    int dateperiod = 30;

    WebSlider.MajorTicks = dateperiod;
    WebSlider.MinorTicks = 1;
    WebSlider.MinValue DateTime.Now.Date.AddDays(-dateperiod);
    WebSlider.MaxValue = DateTime…

  • WebSlider Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'Infragistics' is undefined

    Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'Infragistics' is undefined

    Infragistics.Web.UI.EditorControls.WebSlider, Infragistics4.Web.v11.2, Version=11.2.20112.2025, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7dd5c3163f2cd0cb

    How do i resolved this?

  • Webslider with Text??

    Hi, is it possible to make a slider that displays text instead of a scale from 0 to 5 .
    for example the knowledge of a people
    0= so bad
    1= bad
    2= no comment
    3= good
    4= very good
    5 = excellent

  • WebSlider ValueLabel Display with Location set to FloatTopOrLeft

    Is there a way to have this ValueLabel (ValueLabelFloatT) display at all times without the mouseover and mouseout events tied to the thumb?

  • Getting Error while using Infragistics WebSlider Control


         I am getting the following error:

    ‘Could not load type 'System.Web.UI.ScriptReferenceBase' from assembly 'System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35'.

    I have used WebSlider control…

  • FormatValueLabal cannot set the label for the secondary slider

    I use the following function to format the value labels:


    function wsDepartureDate_FormatValueLabel(sender, eventArgs)


        var val = eventArgs.get_isSecondary() ? eventArgs.get_otherValue() :



        var label = val.getDate…

  • How to reduce/eliminate top/bottom margin?

    The webslider (using Windows7 styleset) has a large top/bottom margin that I have been unable to discover how to manipulate.  How can I reduce this top/bottom margin?

  • How to convert datatype


    I have an custom object with a property that is type decimal. I am assigning the webSlider.Value property to that decimal property.


    I am getting an error in VS2008 that says "Cannot implicitly convert type 'object' to 'decimal'. An explicit conversion…

  • Filling the slider from right to left

    Right now, I have a slider going from 0-100. So the value 0 appears on the left and the value 100 appears on the right. As I drag the thumb control from left to right, the value grows toward 100 and the slider is colored from left to right as I drag the…

  • Webslider set slider value on change of textbox

    I have a web slider that is updating a textbox using the valuechanging event - this part works. I would like to be able to change the textbox and have the slider update to reflect the chosen value. I picture this happening off the textbox onchange event…

  • Looking for sample of webslider using time.


    I'm trying to use the webslider to allow my client to select a time.  I can't seem to find a sample for the slider using time as a value.  Also, I'm at a loss to find information on what values I should place in the ValueAsString, MinValueAsString…

  • Get value Clientside


    How can I get the web slider value clientside / thru javascript?

  • How to ensure visibility of long tickmark labels

    If application has long labels (triggered by large values of Min/MaxValue properties) and removes plus/minus buttons, then first and last labels can become partially invisible. Labels are center-aligned to their tickmarks and therefore their edges may …

  • WebSlider ValueLabel Placement

    When selecting the ValueLabel location to LeftOrTop not Float, is there a way to position the label to the bottom center of the track instead of what looks like the label is in its own table cell to the left of the webslider control?

  • styleSetPath conflicts with imageDirectory


    I've been using following line in my web.config for a while now:

    <infragistics.web  imageDirectory="~/ig_common/images/" javaScriptDirectory="~/ig_common/scripts/" />

    in order to get static images and scripts (instead…

  • Webslider change values

    Hi, i have a min value of 0 and a max value of 5 . Ticks will show 0 1 2 3 4 5

    when i change the values with the-/+ buttons the value will be change0,1,2,3,4,5

    when i change the values throught moving the slider the values could be1,456 or2,678 or 4…