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  • Weblider client side refresh


    I have implemented infragistics web slider to one of my project pages. For the web slider track, I have dynamically set background image through style declaration and httphandler like this:


  • Re: Two Thums In WebSlider


    Hi All I got answer for my query......

     function WrpRefresh(slider, args)

           var slider=document.getElementById('wpCmsRating');      
           if (args.get_isSecondary()==false)
              var hdn1=document.getElementById('<%= cmsValue.clientID %>')

  • WEB Slider Control Color Formatting

    How to clear  Pre formatting? I Apply Slider  With two thumbs..  if i apply  enable secondry value= true.

    It shows green color.but using single thump it shows the track color is blue....

    Plz advice me...



  • Reset Slider Min and Max values client side

    I have a slider whose valuetype is DateTime and I would like to reset the slider on the client side. I've tried calling set_value and set_secondaryValue with the min and max values but it throws a javascript error trying to convert to double.


  • Two Thums In WebSlider

    Hi All,

     I am using two thumps slider. I want to get both thump value at client side.... now i get single thump value from this code.

       function WrpRefresh(slider, args)
             var slider=document.getElementById('wpCmsRating');      

  • How to use the programming in operating the Track of the WebSlider?


      I am chinese. my english is very poor.

     My Problem : How to use the programming in operating the Track of the WebSlider? like Progress Control.