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  • How many WebSliders are possible ? And dragging a slider



    did anyone try to put 300 WebSliders on a page ?

    What about the performance ?

    Is it possible to drag a WebSlider on a page ?




  • Slider not usable in XP, images missing in Vista

    I just recently had this issue come up, but I went back to a project my company is working on with a survey and noticed in navigating through that when using Windows XP the Web Slider cannot be used though it displays.  (You cannot slide it one way or…

  • WebSlider not working in WebTab

    Hi all!

     I try to use the webslider in a WebTab with the settings AsyncMode=On and EnableLoadOnDemand=True. When I initially load the page and the tab with the slider is visible, it is working fine. Now I switch through the tabs. When I switch to the tab…