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  • How to reduce/eliminate top/bottom margin?

    The webslider (using Windows7 styleset) has a large top/bottom margin that I have been unable to discover how to manipulate.  How can I reduce this top/bottom margin?

  • duplicate link tags in html with different paths

    I have a simple page with just a webtoolbar.  When I view the html source I see

    <link href='../ig_res/default/ig_shared.css' type='text/css' rel='stylesheet' />
    <link href='../ig_res/default/ig_toolbar.css' type='text/css…

  • skip values

    Is there a way to have the slider skip values.  For instance, I have a slider that is showing DateTime for the next three days to allow a user to select a datetime to return a rental item.  By default it shows 72 hours.  I would like to have the slider skip…

  • Webslider


    How do i change the Plus,- and Minus button images. I tried changing the imageUrl properties designtime, and in design time they changed, but when i run the app. they are changed back to default.

    Please help..




  • WEB Slider Control Color Formatting

    How to clear  Pre formatting? I Apply Slider  With two thumbs..  if i apply  enable secondry value= true.

    It shows green color.but using single thump it shows the track color is blue....

    Plz advice me...



  • WebSlider Server Side Event Not Called

    Hi All,

       Am using Web slider control how to i use value chaged event its not fired on value chage...

    please Help Any one..

    It very urgent...